Wednesday, June 8, 2011

so hot outside, you could fry an egg!

Yes, we are actually going to try to do this tomorrow! Who said that an almost 100 degree day cannot be fun! :) I'll keep you posted on our experiment!

This bouquet was created by my husband, yes my husband! He even made one in a Pellegrino bottle and it looks really pretty. Oops, forgot to take a pick of that one! Will do!

Have a great night and stay cool my Massachusetts' Friends!


  1. oooh you so do have to try and fry that egg outside and let us know what happens, just remember its a scientific experiment so lab coat and googles needed *wink* Scarlett x

  2. It seems like we tried this one time, years ago. I can't remember the outcome. But, I'll be watching your experiment. Love the sweet. And, it's mighty hot here too. But, after all the rain and bad weather, I'm not gonna complain.

  3. Such pretty flowers! May I please have a side of bacon with my eggs? Oh, and some kamut to drink that will cancel out the bacon?! ;)

  4. You really need to document the results...we have to have something to keep us distracted in this heat!! ;-)

  5. Wow! How did it go? We always say we're going to try, but haven't. It can get above 110 degrees here in the summer, but frankly, who wants to stand outside checking on that egg when it's that stinkin' hot? Not me! Hope some cooling breezes come your way soon.

  6. Those flowers are stunning! Have a relaxing and fun weekend. Kisses


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