Wednesday, May 30, 2012

packages and pottery and more

I received my package from artist, Sarah Ahearn Bellemare yesterday. The package included a sketchbook and glassine envelopes full of paper treasures for my mixed media art. I especially l-o-v-e the washi tape, which is decorative masking tape. Like I said I l-o-v-e it!!! Squam Art is my fav and it's where I discovered beautiful art and inspiration galore! I am currently taking an online art class from Squam. It's creativity at its best!
Side note: I am currently taking two graduate courses too as "us" teachers are always doing! That's another creative side, but from a different part of my brain.

My newest garden statue "Kate" I bought her at a local garden shop. Supporting small businesses and our gardens = good things! My fairy umbrellas are almost gone past their prime, but these perennials are some of my favorites. My husband told me that I have favorite flowers for every part of the growing season. He's right, my carnations are almost bursting. I love the smell of them! Also my beach roses bloom all summer long. I love the fragrance these florals give off.

Our newest herb garden that is close to the grill so my husband can have easy access in a second for his grill cooking!

This was a quick plan, but we used leftover Boston antique bricks for the edging. Not my husband's style at all because he likes things to look natural in the garden with clean edges, etc... and he likes curves in his gardens. You should see me mow around the beds. I feel dizzy just thinking about it. Oh, I ran over an antique Tonka truck with our new mower! I have to share the pic. with you friends. My husband has had it for over 30 years. This truck has gone through the hard play of nephews and sons and not one wreck or piece has fallen off. I get hold of a new mower...misjudge the side and WHAM-O!
Let us pray....;)
 Don't you just love Emma Bridgewater?! I do! I have recently become hooked on her work. I am still searching for just the right piece. I love the BIG LOVE mug, the crackers and crumbs and black toast and marmalade jam plate, the Diamond Jubilee mugs, the starry mug...My list is long! So, it will take me awhile to choose my first mug. I feel a collection coming on. As my friend Kathy says, "It must be Useful and Beautiful!" :) Photos courtesy of Emma Bridgewater
                                                  I think this one fits me just perfectly! ;)

Well, thinking of Emma Bridgewater reminds me of England. Thinking of England reminds me of tea. It's time for tea for me! Cheerio!