Yummy Recipes

I dedicate this page to my Nana. She was an amazing cook and baker. She always had fresh baked treats cooling in her kitchen and her flowered apron on. I own that apron now and keep it hanging on my apron hook in my kitchen. I miss her SO MUCH, words cannot describe it. She loved to watch Julia Child and even looked like her. I remember sitting in her t.v. room and watching it with her. Sometimes I find myself watching old reruns of her cooking shows (Nana LOVE!)
~Nana, this is for you~ 
Recipes Coming Soon! Until then, enjoy the pictures of the food that I have baked, cooked, etc...Yummy:) I have to admit, it's more stuff that I have baked than cooked. ;)

Nana's Banana Bread Recipe
The BEST chocolate chip cookies EVER!
Happy Birthday to my sweet hubby ;)
Organic Cherry Jam Thumbprint Cookies
My Christmas Cake
Fresh Basil Pasta Summer Salad