Friday, August 27, 2010

eating in a bank vault

Have you ever eaten in a unique, random place?  I love when I find those restaurants where I walk in and it's totally not what I expected.  On our trip to New Hampshire, we ventured into a little town called Gorham.  We were tired and hungry.  We found a newly opened restaurant/pub called SAALT   We walked in and saw happy people and happy kids; people relaxing on couches, sitting at a bar, and eating at tall tables.  The waitress walked up to us and said, "We have a table available in the corner or in the vault."  My husband and I looked at each other and said, "We'll take the vault!"  
Eating in the old bank vault after a loooong day!
So, that brings me to thinking about FOOD!  If you are looking for a great cookbook, I recommend Two Sisters and The Silver Spoon
 I am always using this cookbook!  I love it!  About the author, Kathy~Besides being an extremely talented cook, Kathy is a member of my church, head of the woman's group at church, a beautiful decorator, a retired teacher, and loves PINK! Her sister is just as talented!  I love that we are able to share decorating thoughts with each other.  She is such a special person.   
Also, what is so great about this book is that some of the proceeds are donated to support the Melanoma Research Fund to support the research of Dr. Michael B. Atkins of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. 
Hopefully, you can pick one of these cookbooks up for yourself, or someone you love.  It's guaranteed not to tarnish your image! ;)Alyssa 
This post is brought to you by the antique hydrangeas in my yard that bloom in the shape of hearts!   ;)Alyssa
Hydrangeas for Hearts     Photo by Alyssa 2010 copyright


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

i was at the top of mt. washington!

Yesterday, I was on top of the world, or 6,288 ft. above the clouds on the top of
the summit of Mt. Washington, N.H.  It was really hard to stand for this picture!
Home of the World's Worst Weather.  We started out in the high 60's and were in the 30's.  That is a quick adjustment to your body.  The winds were whipping and the ice and rain stung!  But, it was an awesome feeling to be up there! We can't wait to do it again!
They are not kidding!  One turn of the wheel in the wrong direction and you're toast!
                      Going, up...up...up...!!! Higher than the trees.
Clouds hugging the, "Oh, my dear God!" turn/cliff. Behind and below those puffy white things is about a 5,000 ft. drop into rocks and trees! Ouch!
Snow in August!  It's true! I saw it with my own eyes!  I was being pelted with ice.  The weather while we were at the top inside the observatory.  Brrrr!!!!
                                         Post Office at the summit.  
Some serious hikers struggling to keep their balance as they make it to the summit. 
One future hiker feeling the cold, whipping winds at the top of Mt. Washington.  It was hard for him to keep his balance.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

today receive 10% off at the pleated poppy from me

 The Pleated Poppy
Guess what I found, an apron! Sold to me ;)
 Hi friends!  Today you can receive 10% off at The Pleated Poppy from my new friend, Lindsey who makes beautiful things out of fabric!  Just enter promo code: BOSTON
Spread the news, tell your followers, friends and family, neighbors, and all to visit Boston Bee and then link from here ;). Here are some of her goodies below:
These pins!  Love them!  Look at her blog and see how she uses them! 

Little Purses

Everyone needs a journal to write down those important things, dreams, and goals! Have a great day full of poppies ;) Alyssa      

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

a new england apple pie day

This chalkboard is in my kitchen and it was FREE! (I love that word)
Today,  I decided to bake an olde fashioned New England apple pie.  I went to the Brookfield Orchards the other day and bought a bag of super tart apples.  *Sour Face*  So, I started Fall early.
Fresh, cut apples awaiting the spices
Ooey, gooey yumminess!

Lemon zest, butter, and now it just needs a blanket of pastry

Ready for the oven

It's ready! Can you smell it?  If only I had smellivision!

My son captured my first bite of apple pie for Fall 2010


Monday, August 16, 2010

red filing cabinet inspired by...

Lenore at Lather. Write. Repeat. inspired me to spray paint this once ugly green filing cabinet, which I found for FREE at the recycling center, to a nice shiny lobster shell red!  
Bye, bye ugly green!


It's the perfect size for my index card file

It really does add a punch to my writing room.  I love it and it's the perfect size.
Thanks,  Lenore ;)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

new chalkboard scoreboard

My 4yr. old son's bedroom is all about sports.  I wanted to make a scoreboard, so I used chalkboard paint and some wall stickers to create this scoreboard that he loves!  As soon as it was dry he said, "Let me get my chalk!"  I included my steps to creating this below.  Also, I could not add an "s" at the end of visitor, but that's okay...;)Alyssa 

                                    Draw a quadrilateral.  I used an old calendar as my template.
Then, I taped it off and added more tape where I wanted white lines.
Next, I added the chalkboard paint.  I'm a messy painter! Never hire me! ;)

                                    Then, I added another coat.
                                              Project complete!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Beach Stone Writing

School and Autumn will be here before long!  An end of the summer season gift to yourself could be, should be Beach Stones by, Josie Iselin. 
I love writing on beach stones that I have collected. ;)Alyssa


Friday, August 6, 2010

1800's home and garden pics taken by me

I had to repost this! I love it sooo much ;) Enjoy if you missed it the first time around:)Alyssa   
My love of Massachusetts in the 1800's will never tire.  I love the simple things and feel a sense of calm and inspiration.  Enjoy!
The Herb Garden Workshop
Sleeping Quarters in the 1800's
The 1800's Farmhouse Kitchen

I've been in love with this garden since my first visit here in 5th grade. Do you think I can get my talented gardener (my husband) to replicate it?
And I need to build this table...It's still on my mind!
This post is brought to you by: The Lady in the Window

Alyssa ;)