Monday, December 31, 2012

I must-ache you a question and a lot of goodies and projects

Have you been to Target lately? I bought these goodies at my local Target last night.
A Funny Mustache Mug-this mug is soooo funny! All of us had to try it out...Next

New York Mug-my husband's favorite city
London Mug- where i want to visit soon
Old Fashioned Circus Cups- for a flea circus project! Like thecircusfleas on Facebook!

A Large Mason Jar -for all of our family sparkle and wishes and things to do. I cut out strips of card stock and wrote on each one. Then, I went through more boxes left over from Christmas and found a reddish/orange colored one and cut it into hearts. I placed the hearts inside the jar with our family wishes, memories, etc... I left more paper in the milk glass dish to the right to add more!

Heart and Stripes Table Runner-just because V'day is coming up and it all matches. Hearts on one side, stripes on the other

J.R. Watkins Natural Soaps-i had no idea they sold this brand at Target! Smells so good and does not leave an ooey gooey feeling on your hands. Plus, I love old labels and these caught my eye. Are you a sucker for packaging? I am! Hence, why I buy lemonade in the summer packaged in mason jars and wrapped in kraft paper labels just for that alone...
Now onto some projects I've been working on...
Some Master Bedroom projects. My coffee filter wreath project below. I bought a very large frame and spray painted it pure white. Then, I made a square out of Christmas boxes and poked holes through it. I twisted up a bunch of coffee filters into large flowers and twisted them through the holes. I added vintage flowers made out of book pages for the bottom right of the wreath.

Another project is my wedding photo taped with Washi tape and placed inside a wooden frame. I wrote our wedding date with a Sharpie. Antiqued tins are to the right.

Another project is this white frame below. I chalk painted a canvas sometime in 2000 something. I took it out of its retirement and wrote a quote on it by e.e. cummings. 
And lastly,

This cries ORGANIZE ME! So with that I am not done with this master bedroom project, but when the new bed has been delivered and the headboard is complete I'll give you the full room view!

A project for my step daughter...Chalkboard paint frame for her birthday month. This was done with Golden brand paints and grease crayons. She is turning 20 and this is part of her room do-over. You can't really see the effects, but it looks like an antiqued frame. It's just a fun eye catcher on her closet door. Every girl needs something sweet, no matter the age!

Hope you feel inspired! Happy New Year to you!

Friday, December 28, 2012

oh my stars!

Stars! Stars! Stars! For a Happy New Year to you! What do you do with all of those Christmas boxes? Recycle. I took boxes from my son's Christmas toys and made whimsical stars and loaded them with glitter. I hung them on a banner made from recycled newsprint card stock and baker's twine.

My husband was wondering how he still has glitter all over him...It's sparkly and EVERYWHERE!!! LOVE IT! ;)

Monday, December 24, 2012

it's beautiful, it's merry!!!

Me on left, Will in the middle and my step-daughter, Dani on the right
Love these kids!!! xo
Here I am, the Boston Bee Gal! Can't let "Boston Bee" go so I'm here to say that I'm here to blog here too. That's a lot of heres, but HERE I am and what better time to blog! Christmas Eve! But, with that said make sure to like The Flea Circus on Facebook and my other blog It is here at Boston Bee where you get a much more up close glimpse of me and my decor...And if that's not exciting, I don't know what is! Hee,hee, ho, ho, ho!

After a trip to the Dr.'s with my son, because a Christmas without an ear infection and sinus infection, is really not a Christmas after all. We got nestled back in at home. :) Seems like he is constantly fighting something and he will be seeing an allergist soon!
We put out Santa's Key and will begin to bake gluten free cookies for Santa. I am going to finish up the last minute cleaning, put on some Christmas music and snuggle in with the family.  Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day for all of us!

Here is a Tasha Tudor gingerbread man. I made these using my grandmother's cookie cutter and the best Tasha Tudor gingerbread man recipe. These are like rocks and smell delicious. Our son even ate a few;)

Here's the living room with decor! Tree on the mantel, tree in a small suitcase, tree with presents...My dad surprised me yesterday with another small globe. I LOVE globes so much and he brought this over for me. I should be an expert by now with all of the countries. (I'm not, but I do study them. ;)

I also LOVE l-e-t-t-e-r-s. There is nothing better than letters. Here are the letters F-L-Y on my antique sled, "The Flexible Flyer"

I have a lot more to share, but much more to do before this evening so I'm up, up and away, but a Merry Christmas to YOU!!!!
P.S. I just have to say a BIG Merry Thank You and Christmas to Susan Branch who has me posted under blogs that she loves! I am SO honored!!!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Saturday, September 29, 2012

some inspiration!

my friend Jenn and I are junk collectors! We go to flea markets and scoop up any good junk that we can use in our homes and make art, etc... Hoping to bring all of this to you at Crompton Collective soon! Praying for booth space!!!

                                           Jenn and chalkpaint meet to make a wedding menu

my new farmhouse table that I sanded and orange chairs to add some poof!

My family tree!

Milk glass, feathers and vintage paper flowers
Wooden Boxes Make a Perfect Reception Spot

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

well hello there!

Wow! I guess I took a little vaycay from here not on purpose! I've had theee most busiest of busies and I'm back to blog!

I'm a teacher full time and school has begun! So much fun and yet so busy...My little guy began first grade and I just can't believe how time flies. Can you?

My hubby and I have been planning some trips for the family. He has also had to go gluten free and changing his eating habits, which is a very interesting, but yummy journey!

So projects? Decor? What's new? Well today I am going to be sharing some pics of my latest projects. Need some mocha mint coffee first and some snappies to download. I'll be back in a bit today so until then...Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

my newest wooden sign art

New Art made by me~Acrylic on wood. Do you like it? Visit my ETSY shoppe!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

please build for me a house in a tree!

that was the request that our Prince William gave to his daddy and the answer was, "Okay, let's go find a tree!"The problem is that my husband is an amazing landscaper, but can't really build a box. Sooooo, today he said, "Let's go to Home Depot and figure out how much wood we need." I asked if he had a plan and he said, "Of course...I know how to build a treehouse-with a HUGE smile with a bit of you really believe me?!" This is what I love about him. Thinking about the treehouse I built myself back in the day and the one my cousin built...You really just find a tree and nail everything to it, right? lol! As long as Mommies are allowed it's awesome!!!  

Saturday, August 4, 2012

on the mend

Will is on the mend from having his tonsils and adenoids out on Tuesday.

Lots of downtime means lots of movies...Hello Redbox! WE LOVE YOU! Disney channel, the ipad and facetime with daddy, while he's at work, books and rests on the couch with fresh sheets and pillowcases every day.

Extra snuggle time and the drying of tears, reassuring that he will be better soon, Mommy's promise, and a TON of ice cream and yogurt and overcooked pasta.

Goodbye to huge tonsils that caused A LOT of trouble! Hello to healing and having things back to running and riding of bikes and back to the beach before school starts!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

lake living

we just took a rustic vacation to new hampshire...

we fished
Me trying to catch a dead fish!
my step-daughter caught her first fish!

we had family time and soaked up every bit of day

we dreamed together and made goals together and enjoyed the peace and stillness

we took outdoor showers!

we splashed and swam all day. In and out. In and out. 

We ate homemade ice cream at "The Flying Cow!" Grilled on the huge deck that hung over the lake.

And we laughed all day long, made memories, canoed and enjoyed the lake breezes...

Lake living is for us...;)