Wednesday, September 26, 2012

well hello there!

Wow! I guess I took a little vaycay from here not on purpose! I've had theee most busiest of busies and I'm back to blog!

I'm a teacher full time and school has begun! So much fun and yet so busy...My little guy began first grade and I just can't believe how time flies. Can you?

My hubby and I have been planning some trips for the family. He has also had to go gluten free and changing his eating habits, which is a very interesting, but yummy journey!

So projects? Decor? What's new? Well today I am going to be sharing some pics of my latest projects. Need some mocha mint coffee first and some snappies to download. I'll be back in a bit today so until then...Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Hi, Alyssa! Remember me? I missed reading your posts. What a romantic little blurb you have there! I look forward to seeing your projects :-)


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