Saturday, July 31, 2010

here are my flea market and antique shop finds!

First find, this mermaid ornament for $6.99.  I know a lot, but I love it!  Also, I wanted to join some of the famous that have purchased from this antique shop.  I now join the buying likes of Barbara Streisand and Sally Struthers.  :)  I'm sure they bought more expensive items than I did.  Oh, and I was in Kennebunk, Wells, Ogunquit, and Cape Neddick, Maine.  ;)  I enjoyed 3 days with my Mom and Dad by the sea...Ahhhh!
  Next, a cast iron starfish that I placed with some of our beach stone collection from Maine and a chippy garden ornament. This is on my front porch.
 My next find, a cheese board with glass dome included.  So, I took some grass and added the 3 plastic robin eggs.  All made for $8.00 total! 

Another chippy garden ornament for $3.00! I love these! And below an old sap bucket with some Farmer's Market sunflowers that I bought today.  They are so sunny. ;)

A coffee sack for $3.00, which I wrapped with a cloth ribbon and a wooden antique bowl for $7.00

Lastly, this feather ticking pillow, new (not used ;)).  All said and done I spent $47.00 and some change.  Not bad for vacation, huh?  Have a wonderful weekend friends of the hive! ;)Alyssa


Friday, July 30, 2010

wow! wait until you see what I found

I can't wait to share everything with you!!!  Notice how I said WAIT.  That's because my camera is in the air right now, flying back from the south, with my husband and son attached.  I found some great things on my 3 day vacation of flea marketing, sipping on coffee, napping, and beaching...ahhhh....But, now it's back to reality!  So, as soon as my camera walks through the front door I can start snapping away! Oh, that is after I hug and kiss my husband to death and snuggle with my little cupcake of a son.  Oh, and no luck with an apron as of yet...still have hope!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

forty dollar challenge in an undisclosed location

Right now, I am in the cutest little coffee shop that is chock full of coffee scents and fresh baked sweetness!  I am being good just sipping on my medium, rich coffee as I get ready to start my day ALONE!  Yes, all by myself, ready to attack the flea markets and antique shops (so many i need to plan out my map!), with $40.00!  I have $40.00 to spend so I need to plan my spending verrrrrry carefully.  It is my personal challenge to NOT go over my budget.  Do you think I can get some great treasures?  I can't wait to share my finds.   Stay tuned!  


Friday, July 23, 2010

to do project list

What's on your home "to do" project list?  I am finally getting some things done off of my "to do" list.  My husband broke 2 ribs in a bad car accident last week, thank god that is all because his car looks like a tuna can.  Many prayers have been said.  But, with that, my to do list has become a bit longer. Isn't it the best feeling when you can cross things off your list?!  Oh, and make sure you put them on paper that you like.  It makes the jobs look better. ;)
Photo of DIY free printables!
mow the lawn
power wash the front porch
paint the front porch
pay bills
string trim
finish painted sign project
paint galvanized buckets with chalkboard paint 
prime the kitchen cabinets, then get a really good color
plan for supper
pack for trip
research for my new bike!!!
tidy up writing room
finish painting writing room
wash kitchen floor
go blueberry picking
clean out fridge
post pictures of nearby gardens
organize cabinets
organize my son's closet
clean out car
return bottles and cans
get that massage!

Monday, July 19, 2010

when i get to heaven

She wore her faded apron.  I smiled and said, "Hello."  She wrapped her arms around me and I felt the love I've always known. 
When I get to heaven I will see my Nana in her faded black floral apron that smells of butter and baking and Thanksgiving dinners.  She will have a smile on her face, standing over the counter, with floured hands, a pot boiling, and cooking up something very tasty, indeed!   

                                         Photo from Country Living Online

My quest is to find 2 aprons.  One for me to use and the other to hang on that hanger that I got at the Brimfield Flea Market.  If you can sew, I would love to purchase two from you!!!


Saturday, July 17, 2010

check out Funky Junk interiors gardens of rust

Make sure you check out
and see all of the great decorating ideas from many of you and those from parts unknown.  

I added my rusty 1800's garden plow to the Rust in the Garden theme.  It's fun, so take a looksie if you get a chance;)Alyssa

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jorg from Food Network bakes my niece's b-day cake

My niece, who just turned 12,  LOVES everything about baking, cake decorating, etc...In fact, she had her past 2 b-day cakes created by Food Networks~Jorg of Truly Jorgs Patisserie of Boston/Saugus.  He has won numerous awards and he and his assistant have taken the time to show Libbey how they do their cake decorating magic!  She is such a fun kid.  Here is her Harry Potter's Sorting Hat.  Don't mind the 2 candles that my sister started sticking in before we got pics! :) 
P.S. The Sorting Hat is made out of cake too!!!  Amazing! 
Photo by Deirdre Wingell

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

fun brimfield flea market finds

Today, my very talented and greatest friend in the world, Sarah and I headed out to Brimfield with our 4 year old boys and went treasure hunting!  She is so good with thinking of how to use things.  We spent hardly a cent, although we could've spent a ton, but stayed within our budgets.  Plus, we had two boys who were full of spice and it was hard to take pictures!!! We really LOVED Sage Garden Antiques!!!  We plan on visiting them again at their shop.  I guess it is REALLY something!  Their booth was!!!  Here is a snippet of what I found. 

What a perfect sized box for my books :)

These vintage word cards for $1.00 each.  This is an old window that has been made into a shelf that hangs in my living room.  What is it with me, twine, and clothespins this week? 
Another picture of it in case you'd like to make one. 
An old coat hanger for $2.00!  My friend Sarah suggested an old apron on it.  I like that idea!
Did I mention the 4 year old boys that were full of spice, but the sellers loved them...Thank the good Lord above
And these great letters!  

And now for that cup of tea!  ;)Alyssa

Monday, July 12, 2010

barn window complete!

I have been busy as a 'bee' getting projects complete in the middle of playing with my 4 year old, pouring Fall candles, and cleaning the house.  Phew!  What's next?  Another project, of course!  But, here is my Barn Window that I found for $5.00! I put an extra wide blue ribbon behind the arrangement, fresh lavender from my garden, and some pink ribbon around the lavender, and it's done...until the Holidays when I can put a nice boxwood wreath in the middle :) 
Have a wonderful day ;)Alyssa

Sunday, July 11, 2010

vintage math flash cards project = DONE!

Thanks to a great suggestion by my new friend 'Oh Boy!' (visit her blog when you get a chance), I have created this with the vintage flash card contest!  She is going to receive a stack of these cards!  Thanks for the great idea! ;)  So I took some twine, strung it across like a clothesline, added some mini clothespins, and then the vintage flash cards.  Then, I...

took some of my son, William's art work and pinned it up between the flashcards.  Next, on our Eric Carle trip, we bought some postcards at the gift shop.  I bought two $2.00 frames at Wal-Mart and framed Will's fav's.  Again, at Wal-Mart, I picked up a 4-pack of cork and used the adhesive stickies included in the package-love that- and put the 2 corkboards next to the pics to hang even more preschool art!  AND THEN I had to hang up the clippy paintbrush art holder that I bought in Fairhaven, MA last year.  It is holding 2 year old art and Super Hero Masks in case there is a quick need for some Hero Help!  You never know when the costume change is going to happen and the masks need to be AVAILABLE! 
SOOOO, again, thank you for all of your help!  It was so much fun to put this project together.  Now, onto that window...;)Alyssa

Friday, July 9, 2010

new flea finds!

Yesterday I found some great things...
"Do you happen to have any old windows in your barn?" I asked.
"Of course!  What size?" replied the Post and Boot Man
"A nice white one!  I don't care what size," said Alyssa trying not to jump out of her flip flops.

Minutes later I received this for $5.00!
That is a piece of a flower stalk underneath it.  Not a snake!  YIKES!  That would scare me too! That window is going to go where that ugly electrical outlet is pictured below.  I have to do some of my craftiness magic...Hope you stay tuned to see what I do here!
I also found this bitty bench below from the Post and Boot Man and some awesome, awesome cabinets that he handcrafts himself with vintage windows (no pics of that, sorry :(,  "OH MY GOSH!"  is all I have to say!  I'm going back next week on my way to Brimfield!  Did I say Brimfield?  Yes, I did!!!  Woohooo!!!

I found this cute flower display holder as well.  I could have stayed all day and chit chatted with the Post and Boot Man ( a retired teacher).  I am a 3rd grade teacher so "us" teachers have the knack of chit chatting. ;)  
Window, window on the lawn...Come back soon and see what I do...*sparkle* ;)Alyssa

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Off to the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art!

Today, I am off to see the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art!  What's your favorite Eric Carle book? Then, off to the Post and Boot-A little antique treasure barn!  Don't forget to share your vintage math flash card ideas from my last post. ;) 
Image from 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

oar revealed, decorating contest, and vintage math flash cards for you!

Hi my friends of the hive!  Here is my oar, complete.  I hot glued 4 small clothespins to the arm of the oar and put 4 pictures of our wedding day ;)  Remember, that our anniversary date has been Mod Podged onto the paddle, which is today!  9 years ago today I got married to my best friend! ;)
 Here is my work space, dream space...At first I really didn't like the color of the hutch, but it's kind of growing on me and I have some old wooden shutters in the basement.  I am very right brained and my brain is creating as I type here!

 Okay, so on to my next project.  I have no idea what to do with these very, very old math flash cards, so I need your help!  SOS to you!  Could you help?  If I pick your idea then I will send you a whole big stack of these vintage flash cards for FREE ;) as a thank you!!! Just follow these steps:
1.  Post your idea under the comments section.

2. Mention me on your blog ;( Poor me with only 14 followers(insert violin music here).   I LOVE you all, but wish I could share with more people...I'm sort of a newbie;) More followers would be awesome and a dream come true;) Crossing fingers and toes.
3.  I would like the idea to be for my son's bedroom.  He's 4.  His room is a vintage baseball theme, but I am open to anything you create!!!
4.  A BIG THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!  If you could create by Saturday, I will pick on noon, so I can recreate your idea on Sunday.

Monday, July 5, 2010

flea finds and happy me!

Well, Saturday morning in Maine at my parent's place started out as my Dad getting ready for the flea market..minutes later he had 6 of us tagging along behind him! I found some great things that I'd like to share:
2 vintage postcards for $1.00 frame cost me $3.00  Postcard on left is of Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vineyard Postcard on right is of Maine ~Our 2 favorite places;)
Next great find was this old oar for $5.00  that I stained and then mod podged my anniversary date onto it.  Can't wait to share what I do with it!  Stay tuned!

Then, I got these 2 small metal white tables, both for $5.00!

And I picked up this pot for $0.50! 
So, it was a fantastic trip of Flea Marketing!  Don't forget to check back and see how I display the oar!