Monday, July 5, 2010

flea finds and happy me!

Well, Saturday morning in Maine at my parent's place started out as my Dad getting ready for the flea market..minutes later he had 6 of us tagging along behind him! I found some great things that I'd like to share:
2 vintage postcards for $1.00 frame cost me $3.00  Postcard on left is of Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vineyard Postcard on right is of Maine ~Our 2 favorite places;)
Next great find was this old oar for $5.00  that I stained and then mod podged my anniversary date onto it.  Can't wait to share what I do with it!  Stay tuned!

Then, I got these 2 small metal white tables, both for $5.00!

And I picked up this pot for $0.50! 
So, it was a fantastic trip of Flea Marketing!  Don't forget to check back and see how I display the oar! 


  1. What absolutely amazing finds... I am in LOVE with that oar!! ♥

  2. Oh! How could I forget! I also found a very old children's book titled, "Doroth Dainty on the Sea Shore" I'll blog about my books soon...;)Alyssa

  3. When I was a kid hamburgler was my favorite!!!!

    I can't wait to see your books!

  4. That oar is too neat! You found some great stuff.


  5. Hi Alyssa, thanks for visiting my blog. It is always great to meet fellow bloggers sharing the same interest. Love everything I see here. Will be visiting you again soon! verbena cottage

  6. These are some great finds at great prices! Way to go!!
    Your garden looks lovely, BTW!
    Hugs ~ Jo :)

  7. Thanks! My husband takes the credit for the gardens;) He studied under his father who studied in Stockbridge as an arborist. They both can do amazing work, unlike me who can barely keep my herbs alive!lol;)


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