Monday, December 27, 2010

the color palette

As I am looking around my home during the blizzard, I'm thinking of the colors that are in my home. I'm enjoying my bright and cheery cottage home where you can hear the sound of a boy and his little puppy running around, the crackling of wood in the fire, and the laughter of a man and a woman who are constantly cracking jokes with each other and giving squeeze hugs like a great aunt! All the while keeping a home that is vintage and pretty with mixes of florals and plaids and stripes. So I digress, I began thinking of my colors and how I relate everything to food or plants. It figures!

Kitchen and Bathroom: Soft Butter 

Dining Area, Hallway: Celery, which it is actually much lighter than the stalk above.

Living Room, Will's Room: Vanilla Ice Cream

Writing and Reading Room: Blueberry

Master Bedroom: Soft Lavender

What's your favorite color(s)?

Friday, December 24, 2010

my winter lodge cake and christmas wishes!

5 lbs. of homemade buttercream frosting, two 13x9 cakes (1 vanilla and 1 chocolate), 1 frosting skating pond, shaved coconut for the sides of the skating pond, 1 graham cracker house, a stack of pretzels for logs, crushed graham crackers for a path, paper and toothpicks for signs, mini marshmallows for snowmen, little candies for the house, 3 Wilton cake decorating tips, a chocolate sled in the back, 2 Playmobile hedgehogs, 4 sugar cookie trees and 4 kids, and walah a Merry Winter Christmas cake delivered very carefully to my parent's home for Christmas dessert.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Enjoy the magic and miracles! 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

my kitchen is d-o-n-e, done!

Hello folks! My galley, galley kitchen cabinets in Bay Fog by Kilz ( I used Purdy paintbrushes and lots of primer, etc.) is done! Complete! What a difference. It's bright, cheery and makes me feel like I'm in my little cottage by the sea where I can walk out my front door and ride my old rusty green bike, with a wire basket on the front holding a good book and my beach chair on my back. Nothing fancy here folks, just new paint from dreary brown to happy and bright! 
Have you done any new makeovers, small or big, that make you smile ;)? Enjoy the pics. ;)


Before You Look

Keep in Mind

This is Boston Bee









Farmer's Sink (yet;)




I LOVE IT!! It's AMAZING what paint can do!

Color After - The throw rug I LOVE! It's from Cottage Home in Maine

No staging here...My antique basket is full of breads on top of that very mini microwave! The microwave was free and brand new and we still haven't replaced it. Got to love FREE things!
Notice that there is NO snow outside that window yet. I'm really hoping for it.

This summer watch out because that ugly tile is out of here and is being replaced with white beadboard! My aprons hang on the wall next to my FREE chalkboard. The apron with the roses was my Nana's that my Mom found! I still remember my Nana wearing it (xoxo).

in simplicity,

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

art, eat, decorate, work, in a nutshell

Those are my plans for today...I thought I'd finally share some art from my heart (I'm a poet and don't even know it..hardy, har, har). Anywhooo, my personal art book that I have designed that holds dreams, decor ideas and recipes from sweets to soups. This is a work in progress, so I need to finish a page today that's in my brain before it flies away. Someday, when I'm all old and wrinkly, I hope my son will treasure it and not use it as a coaster. I see a lot of book titles here. Sweets to Soups, In a Nutshell. I'm writing these down right now! Stop the press and call my agent...;) Well, I don't have one yet, but when I do~Also, in this book are envelopes. I LOVE envelopes. They are great to tuck magazine clippings in. ;)

Then, that is coupled with the eating...Today, to add to my cookie weight, I thought I'd bake something sweet...I'm all out of dried lavender. I was going to make the lavender tea bread located to the right--> 

Next, I have to slap on another coat of primer and then 'Bay Cove' onto the next set of cabinets to finish my kitchen before Christmas...
My New England kitchen is almost done! This is the good side, but still have that tile! -Eeegahds!
Last, I have to finish my online graduate course. When you're a teacher you have to keep taking graduate classes beyond the graduate degree that you already have...I'm not complaining though...LOVE MY JOB! I job share, so I'm off today if you're thinking, Hey, is she slacking and taking the day off!
Where I work at home and write, correct papers, read, draw, and there below

My couch is big pillow comfort!
And my bookshelf on the other side of the room that tends to distract me...Notice my new thirty-one bags?! Love that large utility tote!!  
Okay, so, I have to do all of this before picking my lovie bug up at preschool.  

I caught a Storm Trooper
Will and I at Old Sturbridge Village on Halloween

Saturday, December 11, 2010

i had wine with tasha tudor

The apples were boiling in the pot for my homemade applesauce which were to go on top of the pork roast. Broccoli spears were steaming and my little tuckered out boy was snuggled on the couch with the dog waiting for Daddy to come home from another day in Boston. So, it was the perfect opportunity for me to light the candles, pour myself a glass of chilled wine and read the Tasha Tudor book I checked out of the library. This book is sooooo old and the first time it was checked out was in 1973! 3 yrs. before I was born and it's still on the shelves at my New England library. 

I just love her art and am feeling very inspired by both Tasha Tudor and Susan Branch as of late for some reason. It must be the warmth of their work and the spirit of the season, but no matter what season, I'm a New Englander, love to write and draw, and love the spirit of it all.  Have a great day! ;)

Friday, December 10, 2010

susan branch site

Have you ever visited Susan Branch's website? I just purchased a sweet something for a sweet someone in my life for Christmas. I just love her work, books, etc... Take the time today with a cup of warm something to go visit. Click below to go. ;)Happy day to all~Alyssa

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

by far the best!

Chevy Chase is my favorite actor! Many of you that know me may say, "Yeah, I can see that." I think he's a riot! Make sure you watch Christmas Vacation over the Holidays. When I get older, I'll be the old lady wrapping up cat food for presents, guaranteed! But, it will probably be dog food instead. 

Friday, December 3, 2010

if i win the lottery today i'm buying...

The Swan Tavern
This!  This home is for sale right up the street from my home and, "I want it, I want it now!" (Voice of the girl from Willy Wonka) What's her name, Viola, Veronica?  Anyway,here is the description of this beautiful home...
 SWAN TAVERN/HOUSE dominates the landscape of the SW corner of Washburn Sq.. Greeted by the columned porch, you enter the foyer w/its majestic staircase that welcomes visitors into an elegant past. The Liv & Din rms have wide wood flrs, matching fpl, pocket drs & butlers pantry. The many bdrms are located on the 2nd flr w/the 1840's addition boasting mirror image bdrms. Tavern rm w/1740's beehive oven, carriage house w/2 fireplaces & loft located to the rear of the home, speaks of a time gone by.
I led a home tour here, many a years ago for a college project and I've always been in love with this beautiful historic gem ;) It's going for only about $350,000.00!  What a steal! I drive by it every day and drool! (Well, not really drool, but am envious and wish it could be mine.) I would have a bed and breakfast and have all of my talented decor friends and chef friends, my friend the copper gutter installer cleaner guy, my landscaper hubby, and my over the top talented father- in- law, who is a graduate of Stockbridge and an arborist/landscaper go to town and join me in the fun!
BUT, it's not in my cards at the time, but maybe someday...One can dream, right?  
What would you buy if you won the lottery today? Put down those,  "be happy with what you have"  feelings and go crazy for a moment! ;)

P.S. This post is dedicated to my talented and good friend, Lisa who loves to dream and loves "the home" as much as I do. xo ;)