Friday, December 10, 2010

susan branch site

Have you ever visited Susan Branch's website? I just purchased a sweet something for a sweet someone in my life for Christmas. I just love her work, books, etc... Take the time today with a cup of warm something to go visit. Click below to go. ;)Happy day to all~Alyssa


  1. Hi Alyssa! I used to visit her store in California and just adored it. I kept hoping to see Susan there, but then, I didn't really know what she looked like. I have all of her books - I think. Have you tried the chicken enchilada recipe from Heart of the Home? It's one of my family's favorites. I have to tell you, and I think you'll get this - Susan Branch left a comment on my blog! EEEEEEEEEEK!


I read every sweet comment and thank you for enjoying boston bee. health, love, creativity, and happiness to you ;)Alyssa