Friday, December 24, 2010

my winter lodge cake and christmas wishes!

5 lbs. of homemade buttercream frosting, two 13x9 cakes (1 vanilla and 1 chocolate), 1 frosting skating pond, shaved coconut for the sides of the skating pond, 1 graham cracker house, a stack of pretzels for logs, crushed graham crackers for a path, paper and toothpicks for signs, mini marshmallows for snowmen, little candies for the house, 3 Wilton cake decorating tips, a chocolate sled in the back, 2 Playmobile hedgehogs, 4 sugar cookie trees and 4 kids, and walah a Merry Winter Christmas cake delivered very carefully to my parent's home for Christmas dessert.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Enjoy the magic and miracles! 


  1. Merry Christmas and that is so stinkin' wicked cute! Wonderful job!

  2. Your gingerbread house is adorable! Have a wonderful Christmas :) ♥

  3. so fun and cute! love the inclusion of playmobil!

    wishing you a continued season of merry, healthy & yummy!



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