Thursday, April 28, 2011

cottage wedding vignette=fun and smiles of the past

                                                         My Cottage Garden Wedding
~With all of the Wedding chatter these days, I took down my Easter display and made my wedding display~ 

I remember the day like it was yesterday. The day I got married to my best friend, ten years ago this July. With all of this "wedding talk," it's hard for me to not think of our wedding day and how much we loved it!

The view to the right of where we said our vows.
I walked out from the Historic home into the greenest grass. I walked past my family and friends who were sitting in white wooden chairs and made my way to my husband to be who was waiting or me under the maple tree. 
That's me with my step-daughter and niece. Their dresses were so pretty; pale pink and sage green.  I bought them at a boutique in New Hampshire. They held pink roses  that were made into spheres and had a wide pink handle.
Wide white ribbon was at the end of my vail and I wanted that same wide ribbon with for them. I love ribbon!
Inside of the barn where we had our reception. Looked just like this!

The weather was beautiful, it was just all so beautiful! With a kiss we were off and married. After our reception in the old barn under the moonlight, we drove off to Martha's Vineyard.
I made this frame by purchasing a frame at the dollar store, painting it "Lush Foliage", attaching a thin pink ribbon to make a clothesline across and gluing paper flowers to the edges. I added reprinted vintage tags on the line and used a really cute card that I bought, which states at the bottom "In Sweetness and In Sour" On the inside it says, "Pucker Up!" Happy Anniversary.
This summer we are renewing our vows in our backyard among the my husbands beautiful flowers. I'm recreating a tablescape. One that was in the first issue of Flea Market Style. 
We collect heart rocks. All of our rocks are kept in an antique heart shaped ice cream mold
This is sitting on top o the book, Heart Rocks by Josie Iselin Susan Branchs' Love book makes a perfect riser for the scrabble letters which spells out"'DaveAlyssa." Dried lavender from my garden lies on top. Milk glass is all about.

This summer we are renewing our vows in our backyard among the my husbands beautiful flowers. I'm recreating a tablescape. One that was in the first issue of Flea Market Style.

Minus the cow, but I do have a manure spreader across the street, figures! ;)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

new cottage vintage tags added to my etsy shop

New cottage vintage tags added to my Etsy shop! Click on the "Come In We're Open" sign on the right sidebar ;) Happy Easter to all!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

nanny mcPhee decor style

Photo: Universal Studios
Last night, for family movie night we watched Nanny McPhee Returns and I thought it was charming. I was paying SO much attention to the decor in the family cottage that I found myself with one ear to the movie and two eyes and my mind taking decor ideas from some of the scenes. If you've seen the movie, I'm not talking about recreating the "Land of Poo!" 
Did you think of Cath Kidston when you saw the wallpaper on the far right? Look at the dishes above the door and the colors of greens and blues. How about that pink vase in front of you with those beautiful roses? I give this decor 5 STARS! If you've seen it, please share your thoughts...;)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

spring always brings reorganization and cleaning!

Our "To Do" List
Seems like we always have something to do, but don't forget to do the fun things! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

free printable vintage Easter tags for you!

I always add glitter and ribbon to mine. They look so nice! There is a Christmas one included...Not that I want winter back, but use it for Christmas in July, perhaps...Happy Easter! Enjoy;)

Monday, April 11, 2011

spring boutique

~My "Pay it Fwd.'s" are coming. I've been a tad bit busy ;)~ Alyssa 
Hello to my New Followers and Welcome! Can't wait to check out your blogs. 

Enjoy the Spring Boutique pictures and some additional pictures of my home, too!
                                               The Boutique

                                                                        My Home
        A carrot cake is waiting for my husband to come home so we can celebrate his birthday!

Fine Bone China picked out especially for me by Kathy and Nancy at the Boutique
An antique draw, that I repainted, holds all of my dessert dishes, my dry sink/hutch

Display of notecards! I love the nests and eggs so I put them on a ribbon clipped with a clothespin. So simple!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

some pics. from Boston

Magnolia tree has bloomed on Beacon Hill
Just a few pics. to show that "Spring has Sprung" in Boston. I snapped two as I was heading to lunch with my husband.

Charles River Kayak and Canoe Park
On my way soon to take pics. of the boutique! I went yesterday and bought some goodies that I will share later today ;). 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

bursting for boutiqueness!

This weekend I will be going to an invitation only Spring Boutique and I'm so excited. Remember my boutique pictures from the Fall? I can't wait to share my Spring pictures! They are sure to be sooooo pretty!

Here is a glimpse of inside the pretty! I can't wait to be there!

No idea where this photo came from, but I love it!!! This is my next canvas painting!
The pay it fwd.'s are being created and will be mailed out this week! If you missed it, I will do another one soon! It's so much fun and so nice to do. Plus, it's a great thing to get a little something in the mail, besides a bill. ;)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

pay it forward, take 1

Hi Bloggies!
I am so thankful for all of you following me and sharing your talented knowledge and sweet comments that I have decided to do a pay it forward, as pay it fwds. are theee best! 
The first 5 people that comment will receive a pay it fwd., gift from me by snail mail. Then, you have to do the same on your blog. In these tough high gas price times, it's nice to send an envelope of cheer!
Are you ready? GO!

In the "design" news...buying paint for the treehouse room-Yay!! Will be sharing soon!, designing two large paintings on canvas, I've been asked to help a friend design a space with my frugality flea market ways, creating children's book art in my head, and on top of it all...totally in blissville and soaking up hugs and sun with my Dave(the husband) and my Will(the son) and Max (the dog) xoxo!

                                                             PAY IT FORWARD, ;)