Saturday, April 2, 2011

pay it forward, take 1

Hi Bloggies!
I am so thankful for all of you following me and sharing your talented knowledge and sweet comments that I have decided to do a pay it forward, as pay it fwds. are theee best! 
The first 5 people that comment will receive a pay it fwd., gift from me by snail mail. Then, you have to do the same on your blog. In these tough high gas price times, it's nice to send an envelope of cheer!
Are you ready? GO!

In the "design" news...buying paint for the treehouse room-Yay!! Will be sharing soon!, designing two large paintings on canvas, I've been asked to help a friend design a space with my frugality flea market ways, creating children's book art in my head, and on top of it all...totally in blissville and soaking up hugs and sun with my Dave(the husband) and my Will(the son) and Max (the dog) xoxo!

                                                             PAY IT FORWARD, ;)


  1. HI Alyssa,I love this idea and I've just signed up PIF with two other lovely bloggers.I'll be posting about it next week and what fun to all get a little surprise in the mail.xx

  2. Hi, I would love to be involved and will re-post on my blog this week


  3. Hello~ would LOVE to be involved in pay it forward!!! xoxo

  4. Hi Alyssa.....need your address to send out your goodie following me on Pay it Forward! oxox, Tracie

  5. I believe in Pay-it-forward...we need to be aware of the community around us and the people. Love your photos and blog! XOXO

  6. hi Alyssa! Saw you over at Tracie's Fishtail Cottage...I'm playing in the PIF party too, and still need 'takers' so c'mon over and visit!


I read every sweet comment and thank you for enjoying boston bee. health, love, creativity, and happiness to you ;)Alyssa