Monday, October 31, 2011

my beautiful paperwhites from trader joe's

It was a snowy morning in October. I woke up to beautiful paperwhites abloom in my milk glass vase. I bought my paperwhites at Trader Joe's for only $4.99. I'm going to buy some more and add them to my milk glass and let them bloom all winter long.
*A blooming tip: Last year's article in Yankee Magazine said to add a 1/2 shot glass of gin to a cup of water when they are up about 3". It will stunt their growth and make them not "as leggy."

the night that ghost flakes fell from the sky

It was a dark and stormy night, so close to all Hallows Eve, when we looked up to the sky and noticed white ghost flakes falling all around us! It was an amazing sight to see!

The Cinderella pumpkins were covered with glittered dust.

New hideouts were made for our son and dog.

It was a magical ghostly world.

So we'll play outside some more today and snuggle close to the fire, listening for Skeletons who are chilled to the bone...And witches who'll fly on sleighs!

Friday, October 14, 2011

quiet and martha's vineyard

         Nothing is better~A hot cup of tea during my busy world~It brings me quiet
            Alyssa Foy- mixed media art-2011
"Baseball in Oak Bluffs"
Alyssa Foy-mixed media art-2011

Saturday, October 1, 2011

small spaces=smiling faces

yes, I must have the smallest creative space in America, but it's okay.

Clock one the time we were married. Clock two the time our son was born. Clock three our anniversary.
These clocks don't actually work and I got the idea from the latest edition of Flea Market Style. It's a sweet and brilliant idea! Capture times that mean something to you.

                             And I share it with a big AT AT from Star Wars and that's okay. ;)

So I used to think I needed a HUGE area and realized that I truly don't. Here's to your creative spaces.