Monday, January 21, 2013

this used to be...

This used to be a casing for a mirror. When I got a hold of it, I dry brushed the individual wood panels with some fun colors.
After painting, I lightly sanded them down for more of a weathered look. I may put this outside for more natural weathering as we are expecting a storm tonight. Where is this going? It may go into a home for a redo project, but I just may keep it. Stay tuned to see what I do with it! It could be a message board, or a board with a message!

Keep it colorful!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

some snappies

Getting ready for our paper flower craft class at Crompton Collective! I've been paper cutting for 2 hours!

What I love about my chalkboard in the kitchen...It becomes an instant canvas and can be changed at any time the spirit moves me!

Good thing I'm not a "type a" person, I wouldn't be able to stand myself! I like neatness, but there is a point where I am very whimsical and too much order drives me bananas! Hence these art supplies are in their place, but there is no order whatsoever! ;)

Whose the jokester behind me?
Curly french fry mustaches are the best!

And so is watching him snowboard down the mountain!
Paris of The Eighties Cafe! Love the chalkboard behind my hubbies head! He wants The Flea Circus to make him one for his coffee shop in the cellar. We can do that!
And look what my husband did with my Scrabble letters! XO! Maybe The Flea Circus should hire him! 

Have a picture perfect day!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A bit of love and silence

So...I have to show you my booth at Crompton Collective in Worcester, MA! We have soooo many cute things here. Our booth, The Flea Circus, is full of vintage fun that you would spend a lot of money on at those "other stores" that are all reproductions. Ours are "the real deal" Here is a glimpse of our "Love Under The Big Top"

If you live in the area, you have to check this place out! If not, go on their website. I left a linky here so you can take a virtual trip.

I had to snap a pic of the night right now. It's cold, dark, snowy and even kind of wet. Not sure what it's doing out there... From my front porch is the back road and woods. It's so calming. When I opened the door to take the dog outside I heard a jet echoing in the sky, the babbling brook rushing through and the drips of the melting snow. It was a bit peaceful I must say. Pretty soon, I'll hear the peepers at night and the baby ducks. I do love living in the country.

Take time to listen to the silence...