Saturday, January 19, 2013

some snappies

Getting ready for our paper flower craft class at Crompton Collective! I've been paper cutting for 2 hours!

What I love about my chalkboard in the kitchen...It becomes an instant canvas and can be changed at any time the spirit moves me!

Good thing I'm not a "type a" person, I wouldn't be able to stand myself! I like neatness, but there is a point where I am very whimsical and too much order drives me bananas! Hence these art supplies are in their place, but there is no order whatsoever! ;)

Whose the jokester behind me?
Curly french fry mustaches are the best!

And so is watching him snowboard down the mountain!
Paris of The Eighties Cafe! Love the chalkboard behind my hubbies head! He wants The Flea Circus to make him one for his coffee shop in the cellar. We can do that!
And look what my husband did with my Scrabble letters! XO! Maybe The Flea Circus should hire him! 

Have a picture perfect day!

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