Saturday, January 18, 2014

new plans in the works

yup! life is ever changing, isn't it? With that said, we are going to be building a home in two years, rather than building on to our current home. Why you may ask? Well, we have wetlands to deal with due to the size of our addition, etc...The hard part is that I truly love my home. It's my little cottage. Ideally, I 'd like to keep this one as an art retreat. Maybe? I doubt it.

But, having a plain palette to create from is exciting too! As you know, I love to design and am constantly changing rooms. So, I think I'm going to love it! I say that now, never having gone through this. Of course, there will be headaches, but I'm all about simplicity. A home with character and the best  contractor and it should be okay.  

With that will be two years and almost a half by the time plans are ironed out, finishing touches are done here and we get my parents underway and all that good stuff. 

We are strapping on our seat belts! 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

come *&^% or high-water

My mom still says this...My nana said it too and now I am saying it. ;) "Come hell or high-water"
I love that saying and it sums up the amount of determination that lies within my husband and I, to reach goals and take care of family at the same time.

My mom who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis is in need of a smaller home. Both she and my dad have reached that point when the 7 plus room Cape Cod style home that gave oodles of memories for me,  for them, for my sister, for family, is just too big for them. My sister and I are "all hands on deck" type of people that when people need us we try to help the best way we can. We learned this from our parents.

So...come hell or high-water we will be adding on to our home and creating a cottage style handicapped accessible apartment for my parents, plus adding on a second floor to our home for us. This is "big doings."My parents are to the MOON excited and we are as well! 

Art by Susan Branch-My favorite person who proves that I'm an old soul living in a 37 year old body for I love the simple sweet things in life. Breezes off the water, Massachusetts and the birds. Sweet kisses from my husband, love you's from my son, baking, flowers, rain and snow... It's the best!  

With the big doings comes meetings with our town, getting approval, and this and that. If the town disapproves of our plans, we will be moving or building another home that accommodates all. All of this is like waiting for the cows to come home. ;) See pics. above. These cows are so cute. I snapped there pics. at a farm on my way home from work!

We have been drawing up ideas-plans-Meeting with our environmentally sound builder and friend. This will be a long process, but not too long. My parents gave me the best nest and now it is our turn to give them the best nest in return.