Wednesday, June 29, 2011

me! an interview as a multi-media organic artist.

A Page of my Sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project ~2012
Q: Are you a professional artist?
A: No way! I am a homegrown organic artist. My mom was an amazing artist and painted with oils. I learned by watching her. My Great Aunt June and Great Grandmother were also born with paintbrushes and were very creative. My uncle is an award winning woodcarver. So, I guess it's in my DNA. ;) I have the utmost respect for the professionals in the field and look up to them. Some people are truly amazing at what they can create! I don't see myself as a pro. I just have fun with it.

Q: What types of medium do you use in your creations?
A:  I love creating multi-media pictures. I use all kinds of scrap paper, magazine clippings, newspaper, watercolors, acrylic paints, markers, crayons, colored pencils, cloth, stamps..You name it, it's probably in my creations. My favorite element to add are vintage papers from 1940 and 50's editions of the Saturday Evening Posts. I like the look of the colors and the feel of the paper.

Q: What's your current project?
A: Currently, I am working on my sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project of 2012-Brooklyn, N.Y. Also, I am drawing the pictures for my Children's Book which will be self-published in 2012! I'm very excited about this. In addition, I am also creating projects for my teaching. I love to spark my student's imaginations! It's so exciting!

Q: Why do you draw and write?
A: Drawing and writing is a time for me to get into my zone. It is something that I have always done! My parents remember me spending hours drawing and writing. I used to decorate my room constantly and create oodles of faux bulletin boards in my bedroom.  I carry my passion for creating into my classroom and with my 5 year old son.

The next person that I would love to interview and blog about is you! Send me a message if you would like to be interviewed about your talents. ;) Just leave me a comment in the comment section and say, "Buzz Me" 

Artfully yours,

Sunday, June 26, 2011

City Spaces, Country Places~A Garden Tour in Massachusetts

Today, we treated ourselves to a garden tour. This was my husband's Father's Day gift. Here is a taste of what we saw. It inspired us and it might inspire you as well. Coming soon...a tour of our garden!
Humpty Dumpty~I Need One of These!

Over the Hedge!

This is cocoa mulch on the floor of the bed. Ever try it? It's real cocoa bean shells and smells great!
I would have it now, but my dog would eat it. ;( I have had it before in my herb garden and LOVED it! Darn dog!

A Place to Enjoy a Glass of Wine

A Relaxing Nook

Place Settings Ready for a Summer Dinner on the Patio
My son is obviously done as he is exiting the garden in the background!
Note to self: Do not take a 5 year old on a garden tour unless there are
gallons of ice cream at every stop!
Tea Time

A Potted Herb Garden-So Smart!

A Natural Bouquet

You are more than welcome to copy and paste these photos,
just PLEASE give credit to Boston Bee and a link back here too!
Happy Gardening!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

cooking art

Hi there! Rain again?! Are you kidding me? Well, we are having an art and cooking day here on Pine Street, (after bringing crazy dog to the vet for a pedicure)

Menu for today~ We took a trip to the local farm stand and bought fresh basil, broccoli, nectarines, lemon and lavender goat cheese, and organic cherry pomegranate jam~

I made the following yummy things :)
Pasta with Goat Cheese and Basil Oil

Nectarine Galetto

Organic Cherry Pomegranate Thumbprint Cookies

On the easel for today~
I am getting back to some art work as well!

Hope you are having a great Saturday!

Friday, June 24, 2011

my first day of summer vacation

Day 1: Notice I'm wearing jeans-it feels like Fall here right now! This is not summer weather ;(
Woke up at 7 a.m. by Will and the crazy dog. I could've slept until 8!
Took Will and my nephew to see Cars 2!
Off to a pizza lunch at Papa Gino's
Back home to see the crazy dog
We have orange creamsicles! I forgot!!! I was SO happy :)
Off to swim lessons
Back home again- "Daddy's home!" yells Will. I smile! Hugs and Kisses a must! ;)
Supper-ahhhh! sweet potatoes and apples and peanut butter for dessert- nothing to brag about, but it hit the spot tonight
Clean art room for summer projects-it's ready! Time to get painting, mod poging, etc...
Decorate a bit for the fourth of July

Wish it wasn't raining-AGAIN!

owell, HAPPY SUMMER! :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

our summer fun list!

We made our Summer Fun List. My little Will took the honors of writing it out. I added the ice cream supper, thanks for the great idea, Sarah~
As you can see we have a busy summer planned and more surprises for him that he has no idea a trip to Story Land and Santa's Village in New Hampshire and more!

Have fun making your lists!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

ripe for the pickin'-strawberry cookies

The cutest cookies I have ever seen! These were made by Kathy, co-author of Two Sisters and the Silver Spoon Cookbook. The recipe is in the book...You have to buy this book-A large selection of New England and Cape Cod Recipes that are elegant and easy! ;) Kathy put them in a nice white bag with strawberries drawn on the front and a doillie on top for me when I stopped by this afternoon. I can see these cookies at a summer cookout, or a tea party.

Friday, June 10, 2011

the egg experiment, drinking greens and lazy, hazy summer lists

Here is the egg

Here it is running down the path

The yolk got a little hard, but it was supposed to fry up with some sausage,  owell ;)

Okay, now below you will see what I've been drinking. Yup, it's green and looks like grass, smells like it  too, but it's yummy wheat grass! I'm going organic folks! Well, trying to go semi~organic. My cousin Dawn  sells this and has me drinking kumut, wheatgrass and it's SO good for you! The one below is green apple flavored (all natural) and kumut can be put into smoothies, shakes, frappes, whatever you call them! You have to try this stuff! It's SO good for your body, lowers glycemic levels and cholesterol and makes you feel great!
If I start looking like the frog below, I'm in trouble!
I'm jumping on the summer list bandwagon! My friend Sarah over at Soups, Sauces, and More began her list and The Painted Home started hers so, it's time to start ours! Will post soon as soon as I create something crafty with my muffin, Will!
Speaking of my muffin! He graduated preschool today! Yay! We celebrated by going to see Kung Fu Panda 2 and buying a new bed just for him. Complete with steps to the bed and cool storage...As Kung Fu Panda would say, "It's total awesomeness!" Sarah at the blog above, owner of Kid's Creations will be creating his wall mural. She showed me the sketch and it's unbelievable! I'm so lucky to have such a talented friend ;).

Almost on summer vacay! Yay! Time for lazy, hazy days!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

so hot outside, you could fry an egg!

Yes, we are actually going to try to do this tomorrow! Who said that an almost 100 degree day cannot be fun! :) I'll keep you posted on our experiment!

This bouquet was created by my husband, yes my husband! He even made one in a Pellegrino bottle and it looks really pretty. Oops, forgot to take a pick of that one! Will do!

Have a great night and stay cool my Massachusetts' Friends!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

the new haircut, etc...

Okay, this totally doesn't make any sense because I don't think I have any pictures of me with my hair longer, so you will have no idea what it looked like before or after, well unless you have seen me. Also, I chickened out and said...Don't go too short! I was scared!!!
But, here it is!
Don't have someone take a pic of you the day after a
storm...Wicked Windy!

How do models do this?

I felt so silly taking a picture of myself! But, you can see the edge better in this shot, but not really...Basically, the front is longer than the back. I'll have to get a better shot..Hoooo Hummmmm
It's not too crazy, but feels much lighter, looks lighter (of course;) and is a nice clean cut. I like it!

My step-daughter has graduated from high school.
Off to nursing school!

This post is brought to you by,

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

holy storms batman!

We just had the wackiest evening of storms here! Ones that drove me into the basement due to tornado warnings. We're not used to stuff like this here. The tree in my parent's front yard got struck by lightning! It sizzled out this strip of bark, blew plants out of the ground and blasted bark everywhere. It blew out 3 windows, went into the neighbors yard and dented the side of their house. For the grand finale, it drove a piece of bark into the back of the neighbor's car window and smashed it. Lightning is so powerful! Thank god no one was hurt! 

Our hearts go out to those in the South who are suffering. It makes me want to cry! This is nothing compared to what they have experienced.

On a happier note: GO BRUINS!

Sidenote: Getting my hair done like this tomorrow. It won't make me look like this at all, but I'd love a style like this, but a bit longer.