Wednesday, June 1, 2011

holy storms batman!

We just had the wackiest evening of storms here! Ones that drove me into the basement due to tornado warnings. We're not used to stuff like this here. The tree in my parent's front yard got struck by lightning! It sizzled out this strip of bark, blew plants out of the ground and blasted bark everywhere. It blew out 3 windows, went into the neighbors yard and dented the side of their house. For the grand finale, it drove a piece of bark into the back of the neighbor's car window and smashed it. Lightning is so powerful! Thank god no one was hurt! 

Our hearts go out to those in the South who are suffering. It makes me want to cry! This is nothing compared to what they have experienced.

On a happier note: GO BRUINS!

Sidenote: Getting my hair done like this tomorrow. It won't make me look like this at all, but I'd love a style like this, but a bit longer. 


  1. I just saw your govenor on the news wow it was bad in Mass for sure. So glad you came out unhurt.

  2. Those were the craziest storms we've ever witnessed! Michael & I were at mom & dad's because I was picking him up, so we got stuck there, & Sean was stuck at UMass waiting for me to get him. We all got home safe & sound at 8:45pm. Glad to hear you're all ok, & your mom & dad too.
    Can't wait to see your new haircut! Enjoy!!

  3. So glad you're safe. We had some weird yellow sky last evening...very ominous.
    Now, it's cooling off and windy!
    Love the haircut idea...can't wait to see it!

  4. Crazy weather going on all over the place! Looking forward to seeing your new hair style!

  5. I am so thankful you are all ok.
    Big hugs and much love xoxo


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