Sunday, June 26, 2011

City Spaces, Country Places~A Garden Tour in Massachusetts

Today, we treated ourselves to a garden tour. This was my husband's Father's Day gift. Here is a taste of what we saw. It inspired us and it might inspire you as well. Coming soon...a tour of our garden!
Humpty Dumpty~I Need One of These!

Over the Hedge!

This is cocoa mulch on the floor of the bed. Ever try it? It's real cocoa bean shells and smells great!
I would have it now, but my dog would eat it. ;( I have had it before in my herb garden and LOVED it! Darn dog!

A Place to Enjoy a Glass of Wine

A Relaxing Nook

Place Settings Ready for a Summer Dinner on the Patio
My son is obviously done as he is exiting the garden in the background!
Note to self: Do not take a 5 year old on a garden tour unless there are
gallons of ice cream at every stop!
Tea Time

A Potted Herb Garden-So Smart!

A Natural Bouquet

You are more than welcome to copy and paste these photos,
just PLEASE give credit to Boston Bee and a link back here too!
Happy Gardening!


  1. I love garden tours you get so many ideas. I love the humpty dumpty.

  2. Hi Alyssa,
    YOur fathers day garden tour is full of lovely images and some very clever ideas!

    Could you check the URL you used in adding your post to ON THE MENU MONDAY? When I cliked your thumbnail it brought me to this lovely post, but not to the delicious looking nectarine tart. I would love to see this recipe. Thank you so much for participatimg in ON THE MENU MONDAY!

  3. Hi Alyssa, my first visit to your blog, but I am sure I will visit again. I popped over from Stone Gable, Yvonne's great blog. Your garden is beautiful, I love Humpty Dumpty. You certainly have a green thumb. xo,

  4. Your garden is gorgeous. You must really have a green thumb. I'm visiting from Stone Gable. I could sit in your garden and dream the day away.


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