Sunday, June 12, 2011

ripe for the pickin'-strawberry cookies

The cutest cookies I have ever seen! These were made by Kathy, co-author of Two Sisters and the Silver Spoon Cookbook. The recipe is in the book...You have to buy this book-A large selection of New England and Cape Cod Recipes that are elegant and easy! ;) Kathy put them in a nice white bag with strawberries drawn on the front and a doillie on top for me when I stopped by this afternoon. I can see these cookies at a summer cookout, or a tea party.


  1. If you invite me to your cookout or tea party, I need advance notice so we can drive up! ;)

  2. How adorable! Can I come and have strawberry cookies with you? I'll bring homemade blackberry syrup to add to our lemonade. Please?

  3. These look scrumptious, Alyssa. I may just have to dig out that cookbook. Believe I have it. With two girls living the New England life, I will need to dust it off.

  4. Glad your followers are enjoying the strawberry cookies! They are a favorite of ours and we've been making them for June of course...strawberry time in Massachusetts!
    Kathy (one of the Two Sisters)

  5. Alyssa, These are the cutest cookies I have ever seen! They look as yummy as the real thing!

  6. Oh my those look delicious!! Thanks for your sweet comment about my shower, it was lovely!



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