Friday, June 24, 2011

my first day of summer vacation

Day 1: Notice I'm wearing jeans-it feels like Fall here right now! This is not summer weather ;(
Woke up at 7 a.m. by Will and the crazy dog. I could've slept until 8!
Took Will and my nephew to see Cars 2!
Off to a pizza lunch at Papa Gino's
Back home to see the crazy dog
We have orange creamsicles! I forgot!!! I was SO happy :)
Off to swim lessons
Back home again- "Daddy's home!" yells Will. I smile! Hugs and Kisses a must! ;)
Supper-ahhhh! sweet potatoes and apples and peanut butter for dessert- nothing to brag about, but it hit the spot tonight
Clean art room for summer projects-it's ready! Time to get painting, mod poging, etc...
Decorate a bit for the fourth of July

Wish it wasn't raining-AGAIN!

owell, HAPPY SUMMER! :)


  1. Happy Happy Happy Summer! Even if it's raining it's still sweet freedom! No tests to grade, no reports to turn in, no lesson plans! YIPPEEE!

  2. When were you at the movies? Michael & I saw Mr. Popper's Penguins tonight ~ after reading the book together. We loved it!
    We thank you for the movie, it was part of the Popcorn Club!!!

  3. Very cute sneakers! (Can I get some of those in N.C? Probably not.) OMG! MemoryLane at the lake house...haven't had Papa Gino's in ages! Sadly, Lily does not like pizza :(
    Did somebody say, "Creamsicles?"
    So weird---I was just telling Lily about how we had those as kids the other day! She can have the dairy now and she must try them soon. YAY! I am so excited! Love your festive decor. Lily and I would love to hang out in your pretty yard with our raincoats and galoshes on :)


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