Friday, June 17, 2011

our summer fun list!

We made our Summer Fun List. My little Will took the honors of writing it out. I added the ice cream supper, thanks for the great idea, Sarah~
As you can see we have a busy summer planned and more surprises for him that he has no idea a trip to Story Land and Santa's Village in New Hampshire and more!

Have fun making your lists!


  1. Alyssa, An Icecream supper! How fun!!!I hope you have a wonderful summer!
    have a pretty day!

  2. Everything sounds like such good summertime fun! I used to pick blueberries with my boys...and of course take the trip to Storyland. Lovely times. I especially like the ice-cream supper idea!

  3. oooh...Ice Cream Supper! We will be right over. Please share the the menu! Lily says, "On the road of life, always eat dessert first!" I think she has been hanging with Gram too much ;)
    We love the list. Good job Will!

  4. I adore this summer wish list! I have tried to talk my Baby Bee into creating one of these lists but she just isn't buying in to it. Maybe I'll just make one for myself!

  5. that is a great list, alyssa! i need to get my camp counselor cap on and start putting a list together myself. kind of enjoying a rainy / lazy kick-off to summer this week ...

    ice cream supper, eh? that might just make it onto my list, too!


  6. About 2 summers ago, we started having ice cream for supper...we try really hard to wait until at least July before we accomplish this task from our to-do-list. And, when we decide that the night is right - it is so much fun! Last year I got a sundae for dinner...this year, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm... ;)


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