Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ticking banner, and this, and that in my workspace dreamspace

I can't sew, so I used ribbon, the magic of microsoft word and paper, small paperclips, and tahdah!  My cottage banner in my writing room/craft room/reading room/relaxation escape...
 Above, here are some of my craft storage places.  I painted an old drawer, white...I use a stick to hold my ribbon, and mugs from the Dollar Tree (they have a great stoneware feel to them), to store pins and small nails, etc...
Heart rocks from Maine are above. 
I paint on canvas a lot, especially with chalkboard paint! I LOVE to use chalkboard paint!  This is hung on my door in the same room~ where my husband and I are readily reminded of our favorite New England spots.  A quick share tonight. ;)Alyssa

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

making the most of what you have

As the saying goes...
"Life is a bowl of cherries"  ~ So make the most of what you have.  I am going through closets, drawers, my basement and just pulling things out and getting rid of the things that I don't really need.  It's a great feeling.  I don't really know if the saying means that, but I'm going with that ;)

              Find this book!  It's the best! Caroline talks about enjoying and appreciating what you have, rather than going out and spending the money that you don't have or should be saving.  Be THRIFTY!!!   
Remember that "Life will give you lemons! And there are a lot of lemons out there.  What are you going to do with the lemons that you are given?  As Peter, Paul, and Mary sang, "Lemon tree very pretty, but the lemon flower is sweet and the fruit of the poor lemon is impossible to eat." I've been given more lemons than I care to share, but I've made lemonade and it is sweet.;)  Live juicy!
                                 Hitting the pavement yesterday in the rain forest heat we are having was FANtastic!  I ran and walked and ran and walked and worked out for over an hour.  It was AWESOME! Just me and the peace of the world all around.  Minus the smell of horse poop, but hey.  I'm sure there is a saying for that as well!
As my son pointed out to me last Fall, "It's all about the little things."  He was so small then ;(  Appreciate every moment they grow so fast!!!
 Have a Happy Day! ;) Alyssa~Boston Bee 

Sunday, June 27, 2010

where you have running water you should have...

                                           A soap dish with a fresh bar of organic soap to wash up with after playing outdoors all day! Get ready to eat that yummy bbq without stepping a foot inside!

I got the idea from my friend Sarah!  What a great idea for those Summer Days in the outdoors!  Nothing is better than clean hands after picking up worms and toads!  (I have a 4year old boy).

bird on a fence post

Just a quick pic. from my kitchen window this morning. More cottage photos coming later...We're out in the gardens today.  ;)Alyssa

Friday, June 25, 2010

Garden Party Was a Hit!

The garden jewelry party was fantastic!  Friends commented that it was the prettiest jewelry party they've ever been too!  I was so glad that I was able to make people feel so comfy and allow them to just reeeeelax. Galvanized tubs were filled with ice and water, one held 2 bottles of wine, the other water.  Cheese and crackers were displayed on weathered white dishes, fruit salad was in a glass bowl. It was just a pretty cottage garden party and I loved it and felt right at home, of course. ;)
                                                                                    Grace was all dolled up (lol!) and one lucky friend won the goodies inside the silver bag.  A designer soap bar, my Lemon Sage Olde Common Scents Candle, and another beautiful bottle of liquid soap.

Tonight I am Having a Jewelry Garden Party

Tonight, I am having a garden party on the green.  It's a small intimate space in my backyard.  I will be using the milk glass above to display something creative.
More and more of these blue hydrangeas will be splashed here and there in vases and the like to add some beautiful color to the green space.
                                 Lanterns will be lit, candles will be aglow
And Grace will be wearing her best jewelry!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Finding Useful Treasures

I found this old milk box at an antique shoppe in Charlton, MA a loooooong time ago.  It has been the best thing ever!  It has gone from a wood box, to a place to store shoes, to a place to store newspapers.  What's the best useful treasure that you've found?