Friday, September 27, 2013

where did you go my lovely?

oh....i've been here just busy as a bee i could say. so many awesome things have been happening lately!

number 1:

I am selling some vintage modern jewelry DESIGNED and MANUFACTURED IN UTAH. I am loving it! Go to to check it out! It's fun to layer and goes with my style- a Banana Republic, J Crew GAP girl.  

number 2:  I am going to be featured on! An amazing gal with amazing talent contacted me and will be featuring me, my jewelry and my mod podge life as a mommy, jewelry stylist for Jewel Kade- that's fancy talk for seller of Jewel Kade, teacher, artist and everything else I do. 

number 3: I am a teacher in real life and am loving my demanding job more than ever! I have a great class and am working towards receiving 36 credits beyond my master's degree...almost there! 

number 4: I have the best family ever who supports me and all of my ventures. We make sure to take time to be with each other and de-plug ourselves. I love my family so much!!!