Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ticking banner, and this, and that in my workspace dreamspace

I can't sew, so I used ribbon, the magic of microsoft word and paper, small paperclips, and tahdah!  My cottage banner in my writing room/craft room/reading room/relaxation escape...
 Above, here are some of my craft storage places.  I painted an old drawer, white...I use a stick to hold my ribbon, and mugs from the Dollar Tree (they have a great stoneware feel to them), to store pins and small nails, etc...
Heart rocks from Maine are above. 
I paint on canvas a lot, especially with chalkboard paint! I LOVE to use chalkboard paint!  This is hung on my door in the same room~ where my husband and I are readily reminded of our favorite New England spots.  A quick share tonight. ;)Alyssa

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