Wednesday, April 20, 2011

spring always brings reorganization and cleaning!

Our "To Do" List
Seems like we always have something to do, but don't forget to do the fun things! 


  1. Well that is quite a list. I like the have fun part. good luck on your list.

  2. We've gone on a major to-do list...we are putting the house on the market! It's frightening, really. LOL
    Keep up on the fun time!

  3. Thanks for my little treat in the mail!!!
    Go see Rio...that was our fun time last night - it was adorable! xoxo

  4. Alyssa, I wanted to comment back to your very nice words on Homeroad. You are on No-Reply so I couldn't email back to you. If you want to change your settings the instructions are on my sidebar. Anyway... thank you so much for all the nice things you had to say and thanks for following!
    Susan @


I read every sweet comment and thank you for enjoying boston bee. health, love, creativity, and happiness to you ;)Alyssa