Thursday, April 21, 2011

nanny mcPhee decor style

Photo: Universal Studios
Last night, for family movie night we watched Nanny McPhee Returns and I thought it was charming. I was paying SO much attention to the decor in the family cottage that I found myself with one ear to the movie and two eyes and my mind taking decor ideas from some of the scenes. If you've seen the movie, I'm not talking about recreating the "Land of Poo!" 
Did you think of Cath Kidston when you saw the wallpaper on the far right? Look at the dishes above the door and the colors of greens and blues. How about that pink vase in front of you with those beautiful roses? I give this decor 5 STARS! If you've seen it, please share your thoughts...;)


  1. I have not seen it but the land of poo sounds like my house right now. I love how it looks in the picture. a few friends and I went to see step mom when it first came out. She was so excited about the decoration in one of the house she went out and bought us all hanging vases. I never saw the vase she was so excited about. So I guess set decoration is VERY important.
    happy easter

  2. huummmm, i saw the first one - but haven't peeked at the second one. Thanks for linking up to the garden party! xoxo, tracie

  3. I agree Alyssa.The decor is very me also..Love it..Have a great Easter..xx

  4. So loved that movie! And I agree - the English cottage was just adorable!

  5. I couldn't resist commenting. Exceptionally well written!

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