Friday, December 3, 2010

if i win the lottery today i'm buying...

The Swan Tavern
This!  This home is for sale right up the street from my home and, "I want it, I want it now!" (Voice of the girl from Willy Wonka) What's her name, Viola, Veronica?  Anyway,here is the description of this beautiful home...
 SWAN TAVERN/HOUSE dominates the landscape of the SW corner of Washburn Sq.. Greeted by the columned porch, you enter the foyer w/its majestic staircase that welcomes visitors into an elegant past. The Liv & Din rms have wide wood flrs, matching fpl, pocket drs & butlers pantry. The many bdrms are located on the 2nd flr w/the 1840's addition boasting mirror image bdrms. Tavern rm w/1740's beehive oven, carriage house w/2 fireplaces & loft located to the rear of the home, speaks of a time gone by.
I led a home tour here, many a years ago for a college project and I've always been in love with this beautiful historic gem ;) It's going for only about $350,000.00!  What a steal! I drive by it every day and drool! (Well, not really drool, but am envious and wish it could be mine.) I would have a bed and breakfast and have all of my talented decor friends and chef friends, my friend the copper gutter installer cleaner guy, my landscaper hubby, and my over the top talented father- in- law, who is a graduate of Stockbridge and an arborist/landscaper go to town and join me in the fun!
BUT, it's not in my cards at the time, but maybe someday...One can dream, right?  
What would you buy if you won the lottery today? Put down those,  "be happy with what you have"  feelings and go crazy for a moment! ;)

P.S. This post is dedicated to my talented and good friend, Lisa who loves to dream and loves "the home" as much as I do. xo ;)


  1. I would head straight to a beach in Mexico, where I would buy a 1 bedroom condo! That way I could write on the beach and never have to worry about house guests!

  2. Oooooh! I love it, too! Dreams are good...who knows?!

    Hope you have a most wonderful day!


  3. WOW... what a gorgeous home (and great price)!

    If I won the lottery, I'd immediately relocate to Massachusetts and buy myself a beautiful historic home :)♥

  4. I think I would move up in the New England area. I'm sure there is another equally beautiful house besides The Swan Tavern. Have always loved it there! Come collect your award, Alyssa!

  5. Beautiful. Yes, dream, dream, dream. If U think it the universe will give. Merry Christmas.

  6. Oh I love the homes in the USA.You have such glorious history.If you did win and one day bought it, be ready for some visitors from overseas(me)..xx

  7. Do you live in Duxbury? We used to live there and for some reason this seems so familiar. That was many moves ago...Maryland, Florida and now Ohio. susan


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