Wednesday, July 7, 2010

oar revealed, decorating contest, and vintage math flash cards for you!

Hi my friends of the hive!  Here is my oar, complete.  I hot glued 4 small clothespins to the arm of the oar and put 4 pictures of our wedding day ;)  Remember, that our anniversary date has been Mod Podged onto the paddle, which is today!  9 years ago today I got married to my best friend! ;)
 Here is my work space, dream space...At first I really didn't like the color of the hutch, but it's kind of growing on me and I have some old wooden shutters in the basement.  I am very right brained and my brain is creating as I type here!

 Okay, so on to my next project.  I have no idea what to do with these very, very old math flash cards, so I need your help!  SOS to you!  Could you help?  If I pick your idea then I will send you a whole big stack of these vintage flash cards for FREE ;) as a thank you!!! Just follow these steps:
1.  Post your idea under the comments section.

2. Mention me on your blog ;( Poor me with only 14 followers(insert violin music here).   I LOVE you all, but wish I could share with more people...I'm sort of a newbie;) More followers would be awesome and a dream come true;) Crossing fingers and toes.
3.  I would like the idea to be for my son's bedroom.  He's 4.  His room is a vintage baseball theme, but I am open to anything you create!!!
4.  A BIG THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!  If you could create by Saturday, I will pick on noon, so I can recreate your idea on Sunday.


  1. I love your creativity desk; the paddle idea is adorable! :)

  2. LOL I hear the violins!

    Okay, first, Congratulations on your anniversary. Kudos!

    Next, I love the oar! Fantastic idea and very calming.

    I would love the flash cards. I'm sitting here trying to think of an idea for a boy...I'm so girl driven! Did you see the bookcase that I made for my Alyssa? It is the 5th tiny pic at the top of my blog. Maybe you could do something similar with the flash cards? My Alyssa loves her bookcase!!!

    Last but not least, you do know that if you are among the top 9 most active members in my community, that you will be spotlighted in my Sunday night post, right? Click on the "Rockin' Friends" label in the right side bar and read up on it, then start chatting so you can get the exposure in my weekly post!

    I hope that helps and isn't too long of a comment :o)

  3. Thanks! I need inspiration ;)Tanks for sharing!

  4. what about fanning them out like a deck of cards but make it into a wreath... could be manly like... if you have enough you could make a border around the door or room or mirror... or you could use them as a matte in a frame and put a cute pic of your son on top...or get some twine and hang them up like a clothes line... you could alternate pics in between... or trim them into a flag banner shape and hang them like that... a banner would probably be more baseball like.... hope that helps!!!! I PUFFY HEART flash cards...must be a 3rd grade teacher thing!!! good luck!!!

  5. You won k and m. I'll e-mail you speedy quick tomorrow! I'll reveal what idea I took from you tomorrow as well!!! Enjoy your stack of flash cards!!! ;)Alyssa

  6. oh my gosh I am so EXCITED... this is k and m BUT I changed my profile name to match my BLOG name.... I am so excited THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! and I blogged about you too... I will have to blog about you again!!!!

  7. Please e-mail me at oh' boy! CONGRATS! THANK YOU!!! ;)Alyssa


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