Friday, July 23, 2010

to do project list

What's on your home "to do" project list?  I am finally getting some things done off of my "to do" list.  My husband broke 2 ribs in a bad car accident last week, thank god that is all because his car looks like a tuna can.  Many prayers have been said.  But, with that, my to do list has become a bit longer. Isn't it the best feeling when you can cross things off your list?!  Oh, and make sure you put them on paper that you like.  It makes the jobs look better. ;)
Photo of DIY free printables!
mow the lawn
power wash the front porch
paint the front porch
pay bills
string trim
finish painted sign project
paint galvanized buckets with chalkboard paint 
prime the kitchen cabinets, then get a really good color
plan for supper
pack for trip
research for my new bike!!!
tidy up writing room
finish painting writing room
wash kitchen floor
go blueberry picking
clean out fridge
post pictures of nearby gardens
organize cabinets
organize my son's closet
clean out car
return bottles and cans
get that massage!


  1. Oh, notice how paying bills and planning for supper is a project! lol;)Bee Happy! Alyssa

  2. My head is spinning... must make a list. LOL!

  3. I love making lists and crossing things off. So satisfying!


  4. So sorry about the hubs! But the good news is you are getting things off your list. I have a list on my fridge, but I find it makes for good decoration, and makes me look like I am actually working towards something. Of course mine doesn't have lines through any of them! hahaha have a great weekend!

  5. MY handy man has a list on the fridge and it's slowly getting smaller.I love seeing a list dwindle down to nothing, it's so rewarding.
    Hope your hubby's feeling better soon.xx

  6. i would make a list for thngs i have to accomplish on a day while doing my errands just because i am forgetful. the rest- countless! verbena cottage

  7. Hmmm...quite the to-do list! You always make me feel better - glad I'm not the only one that makes lists that are a mile long!! xx

  8. I love to do lists! I actually have 3, one in my blackberry, one in my organizer, and one on a checklist like you've shown. they are all of the same things, but I think it feels better to erase, cross out, AND check off! :)


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