Friday, December 28, 2012

oh my stars!

Stars! Stars! Stars! For a Happy New Year to you! What do you do with all of those Christmas boxes? Recycle. I took boxes from my son's Christmas toys and made whimsical stars and loaded them with glitter. I hung them on a banner made from recycled newsprint card stock and baker's twine.

My husband was wondering how he still has glitter all over him...It's sparkly and EVERYWHERE!!! LOVE IT! ;)


  1. Oh my your glitter post reminds me one I just posted lately. One of my little oness and I made glitter houses. It was everywhere. I had to see a new doctor and my hubby filled out the forms for me since my vision is blurry. He sat at the cleaned up tabe that we workedon. The next day the doctor was reading the forms and said they had glitter on them. He freaked out and the appt. went downhill. Not kidding. Love the stars and the glitter eventually goes away. Happy Shiney New YEar.

    1. Debby- What a great story! Maybe the doctor needs some glitter in his or her life! Nothing like a patient with ***sparkle*** Have a Happy Sparkly New Year Too! Alyssa

  2. We sent cards with glitter this year Alyssa! The Herbal Husband had it all over his face each day we worked on them! Your stars shine bright as you and your family! We wish you the happiest and healthiest new year! xxoo LVL and The Herbal Husband


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