Saturday, July 28, 2012

lake living

we just took a rustic vacation to new hampshire...

we fished
Me trying to catch a dead fish!
my step-daughter caught her first fish!

we had family time and soaked up every bit of day

we dreamed together and made goals together and enjoyed the peace and stillness

we took outdoor showers!

we splashed and swam all day. In and out. In and out. 

We ate homemade ice cream at "The Flying Cow!" Grilled on the huge deck that hung over the lake.

And we laughed all day long, made memories, canoed and enjoyed the lake breezes...

Lake living is for us...;)


  1. Sounds like a fantastic vacation!!

  2. The photos are spectacular just like out of a magazine! The photos convey the wonderful time you all experienced!

  3. Just as summer should be...relaxing and inspiring and happy...Bee-utiful photos! Enjoy every moment!

  4. Love your lake living. Looks like you did it just right!


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