Saturday, July 7, 2012

$5.00 coffee table turned into this...

I was driving by a yard sale today and I turned around because the table above caught my eye! I purchased it for $5.00 and with help from Ollie the sander (sander is from a store called Ollie's in North Carolina and was sent to me by my cousin Dawn xo, hence the name of it.)
 The natural wood was beginning to shine through and was breathing...THANK YOU!!!!
See that woodlucious wood? All natural with natural knicks! I love it!!!! Come on Ollie do your work!
Sooo....after more sanding and a fresh coat of paint on her legs (Color- Bay Cove Fog) and a fresh coat of Lavender Furniture Wax on top from Sweet Grass Farms. Smells so soothing!
                                TAH-DAH! My new Cafe table...Too nice to call it a coffee table. ;)


  1. I was smelling that lavender furniture wax, Alyssa! Great find and finish! xxoo Nancy

  2. WOW!! great table and at such a great price :0) Some one is very lucky!

  3. Great job! The wood is beautiful and the painted legs look so fun!

  4. You have lots of energy and talent! Keep going!

  5. Hi Alyssa, Great find and beautiful redo!


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