Sunday, February 26, 2012

a morning in massachusetts

the coffee has just been brewed, we are awake, Max is on squirrel patrol as I watch my favorite birds at the feeder...

my mantle is ever so slowly making the transition to Spring.

Soon...this area will be fresh with flowers and plants and golfing (It's the putting green area) and family and friends too!
 I love how the sun saturates the kitchen in the morning. It's coming in...

More flowers from my husband...Love it when he brings these home for me. xoxo ;)
Hope you have a beautiful day where ever you are in the world. ;)


  1. You gettum Max. Max s a favorite name of Daddy and now my grandson (Maxton).
    Love your globe collection And your other special touches.

  2. Can't wait to hang out at that putting green with of wine in hand! xo

    1. Oh yes! Fun summer days ahead indeed! ;)


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