Sunday, February 5, 2012

feb. vacay re-do 2012- gettin' it done!

My photo's aren't working that I have of my friend's homes, so I have to put that on the back burner for a bit until I get them figured out. (AGGGGH!) Pulling my hair out because these pics. are sooo pretty!!! I'm feeling blown over by technology right now. (me under cupcake---) ;)
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My son's re-do room project
Soooo, I thought I'd blog about my son's room, which is way over due for a makeover. I've been logging my ideas on Pinterest, which if you don't do Pinterest, ya gotta join! (photos below from Pinterest)

So here it is...
The color palette I love from Sherwin-Williams

I need an orange in here too, but I digress.
I'm working with a closet chuck full of toys (Empty and sort)
A new bed (Two thumbs up!)
2 Bookshelves (1 handmade by his Pop)
Antique Desk and Chair (love!)
A funky rug with bold colors (Two more thumbs up!)
And more toys, and more toys and more toys (Are you sensing spoiled with toys?) (Sort these and donate!) Which I have to do when he's not around.
Make moon rock pillows
He wants me to make the ship below. I love the fact that he thinks I'm Wonder Woman and can do anything! 

Make 1/2 the closet into some sort of learning space. Which brings me to the term "space." Hence, my writing above.
My son loves science and loves the show Mythbusters. He also loves teeth and checks our teeth all the time. So I'm thinking he'll either be a scientist or a dentist, but who knows...
With that, I am thinking of creating half of his closet area into a sort of spaceship like interior.
I am going to make moon rocks out of pillows that he can lay on in there and play.
Stars on the ceiling? Foam planets hanging from above. No problem in this closet nook. This is going to be FUN!!! Seriously.

Then the walls in the main room itself.  Hmmm... Decor wise, I'm not sure, but he wants a Lego wall, just not as much as below. That would cost a fortune! Those green flats are expensive!!!

First, things first...I need to get a fresh coat of paint up there using some colors from the palette above, new window treatments and his new wide wooden blinds up too and then the closet space.

February vacation is going to be a busy one I believe! SO much to do in a week! I need to hurry when the time comes before I turn into a pumpkin. So, my question for all of you out in blog land, "Any tips?"

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  1. That's what I love about you, Alyssa! Fearless! Love your son's room! xxoo Nancy


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