Thursday, February 23, 2012

my 5 1/2 year old boy's room redo! His own boy cave!


We went from light walls (french vanilla ice cream color) to stone gray color walls from Sherwin Williams. Molding- Bright White. Sorry, I don't have a before, but trust me this looks 100% better!!!

Skateboard shelf- I bought the skateboard at Target for $10.00 and the brackets at Home Depot for $2.00 each.
Brown shelves- Target (2 for $14.00)

I painted the closet doors the same gray color and painted a cave on the outside doors using my acrylic paints. I use Golden brand which are pricey, but I love the look of them and use them on my gesso boards. The inside of the cave is still being designed and will be revealed as soon as it's complete! Glow in the dark paint a must!

I am making the valences for the windows and then the blinds will be placed.


  1. very creative I am sure he loves it.

  2. Love the cave~ Michael can't wait to see it!!

  3. I just love the low hooks on the door , the skateboard shelves and the cave! Creative and practical and FUN!

  4. You are so clever! He will love that! Looking forward to the reveal. We're working on our daughter's room right now too. Just have painting done but many more little projects to follow.


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