Saturday, February 18, 2012

thank goodness for white glove!

You know the story! Your child gets sick on a Friday night and you think what are you going to do?! My son always gets hit hard with colds/viruses! My husband has awesome health insurance which we are so lucky to have!!! The company sends a doc. to us when the offices are closed and brings gatorade, chicken soup and other goodies for the family members that are under the weather. My son has had a fever and has been fever free since last night. He has had chronic ear infections since he was 1 and has become numb to them. I know how this works, so I called White Glove this morning and being a Saturday it makes this service super convenient! I could kiss their feet! (well, god knows what I'd catch then...;)

Redo's this week! Stay Tuned!!!


  1. Wow! Mickey White Glove treatment! Awesome.
    Get well soon! Hugs xoxo


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