Saturday, March 3, 2012

Spring mantel decor

Today I was in the mood to finish some decor. I bought the mirror at Target for $30.00 and the rest from Michael's, flea markets and or Home Goods throughout the years. My mantel was custom built by Justin of  Green Effects Contractors.  Happy almost Spring!

Real birds nest from my yard-Fake Eggs
Cheese Preserver found in an Antique Shoppe in Wells, Maine
Paper Vintage Birds with shredding available in my Etsy shop. ;)
Susan Branch book and Rabbit Hill vintage book- Small Faux Candlestick with Toile lampshade


  1. Love love love it!
    New mantel-awesome!!!!

  2. What is that refreshing paint color? Definitely spring!

  3. Love spring mantels. Yours is so pretty and fresh!
    Mary Alice


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