Wednesday, March 7, 2012

hey there mr. moon and a secret...

Our son is tucked into bed listening to his smooth jazz as he drifts off into dream land. The moon is bright and is filtering in through his blinds. So peaceful!

I just went to walk Max the dog for the 100th time and the air is so fresh! It's Spring, I say! A jet was turning at the same time and was so low above my house. The lights were blinking and you could almost see the passengers getting ready to make a landing. This flight was coming in from Florida. I'm so glad they brought the warm air in with the jet. ;)

Last night, my husband took Will outside with his brand new camera in hand and began snapping pictures of Will and the moon. Brrrr....(I stayed inside) The pics. were so cool! One pic. was of Will actually looking like he was holding the moon with his pointer finger and thumb. His pointer finger is actually glowing a bit! I wish, wish, wish I could show you, but that fancy shmancy new camera is glued to my husband's hands at the moment!

A secret...Will has lost his 2nd tooth and the tooth fairy has some shiny dollar coins waiting to slip under his pillow... He's so excited!!! He now has the perfect hole to squirt juice through. My friend, Kathy of Two Sisters Cookbook, gave me glittery bee and fairy stickers. I have been using them to decorate the tooth fairy envelopes with. There is always something magical about glittery stickers.

Do you wish on the moon? I do. It's such a mystifying, beautiful object. I wish on stars, four leaf clovers and lucky pennies too, but the moon is tops on my list. Have a restful, moondreamy evening.


  1. Ahhhh.....I noticed the moonlight here in our part of the world tonight. Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing you moonlit moments.

  2. I was thrilled to have been mentioned in your blog! So glad you are putting those stickers to good use. I knew you would!


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