Wednesday, March 2, 2011

a boy and his dog

Our boy and his dog, Max
The Best of Friends!

A Boy and His Dog
Edgar Guest 

A boy and his dog make a glorious pair:
No better friendship is found anywhere,
For they talk and they walk and they run and they play,
And they have their deep secrets for many a day;
And that boy has a comrade who thinks and who feels,
Who walks down the road with a dog at his heels.

He may go where he will and his dog will be there,
May revel in mud and his dog will not care;
Faithful he'll stay for the slightest command
And bark with delight at the touch of his hand;
Oh, he owns a treasure which nobody steals,
Who walks down the road with a dog at his heels.

No other can lure him away from his side;
He's proof against riches and station and pride;
Fine dress does not charm him, and flattery's breath
Is lost on the dog, for he's faithful to death;
He sees the great soul which the body conceals--
Oh, it's great to be young with a dog at your heels!


  1. Both of them are lucky! I wished I had had a dog to grow up with! Will make him a responsible kid! Important part of life!

  2. Alyssa,I'm so happy you stopped by Brambly-thanks for following me. Have a wonderful day!


  3. sweet! Our boys & their dogs are special pairs!! xoxo

  4. My boys love their puppy.I enjoy watching them bond..xx

  5. Ahhh, what sweeties! Best buds for sure.

  6. What cuties! Also love your flea market finds - I've also got my paintbrush in my hand! Stopping by from New Friend Friday, and so glad I found you. Now following.

  7. That photo is just precious. Cute kid and cute dog.
    Goldenray Yorkies


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