Thursday, March 24, 2011

new garden for summer 2011-inspiration from Susan Branch, Sharon Lovejoy, and my husband!

Here is our new garden plan that was inspired by Susan Branch with a dash of Sharon Lovejoy and a full cup from my talented landscaping husband. Living in Massachusetts, it's nice to get some inspiration from Susan Branch who lives on the Vineyard. 
12 x 24
Here is my sketch above. Will, our soon to be 5 year old, will have his own "Kinder Garden" where he will grow his mini veggies, (thank you Sharon Lovejoy) My hubby will be splitting and transplanting many of our plants throughout the yard and creating borders around the garden. We will be putting veggies into raised beds and outlining the path with my favorite herbs and flowers.
We plotted it out today and it will go to the left of the big snow pile you see. We are really looking forward to creating this garden that we have to name....Every garden needs a name, I say! :)


  1. inspiring, alyssa!

    we got snow this morning! of course, it's all gone but ... springtime in new england is a fickle pickle!


  2. Looks wonderful we are still waiting to see our garden. It is still very buried under the snow.
    you will busy this spring.

  3. Alyssa,
    Your blog is lovely as well. My Will is 19yrs. old, soon to be 20 and a sophomore in college. Looking forward to many more visits. I wish I had thought of Boston Bee. Such a cool name!!!

  4. Since i couldn't seem find an email address. I wanted to answer you back. Yes that is ogunquit. Very close friends have a home on Moody beach and another friend owns The Belle of Maine on route one across from Mikes clam shack. the beach is wonderful this time of year no crowds. I am not a big crowd person. I grew up in that area.

  5. Hi Alyssa! I wanted to respond to your questions about the seat on my bench....but I couldn't respond to your email b/c it's a "no reply" address. Anyway, i did use foam and then some batting over the foam to soften the edges. Hope this helps!

  6. Looking forward to seeing it! Michael loved our little garden last year ~ can't wait to dig in the dirt again.
    Tell Dave when he splits your plants, I would LOVE some!!! :)

  7. What a beautiful plan! I wish I had a yard big enough for a lovely garden like that ♥

  8. Lovely! We have been considering our gardening plans for the year as well. Welcome Spring!

  9. What an amazing project and I bet it will be amazing. Have a lovely weekend, kisses

  10. Sounds like a fantastic project for you this spring! will love seeing what you will do and how it all comes about - please continue to link up to Cottage Flora Thursdays to share the progression! I would love to send you seeds for gardenn as i collect them over this upcoming summer! let me know if you have any interest in that? xoox, Tracie

  11. That looks great. I am your new follower to see what it looks like when you are all done. Come on by my new blog when you have time.
    Goldenray Yorkies

  12. Thanks so much for linking up to the garden party! I'm really excited to follow you as your garden grows! xoxo, Tracie

  13. Alyssa dear,

    Sue and I had dinner last night here at Sunflower House. Warm enough for all of us to sit for a time and drink wine under the arbor. I'll post about it this weekend.

    All joys and good luck with your garden,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island


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