Friday, March 4, 2011

The BEE'S KNEES linky party, the in's and out's and in-betweens, in no particular order

Hi there Bloggies,

This morning these tulips woke me up! Look at the colors glowing before the sun even got up! I can't wait for Spring! 

Between doing schoolwork and other projects today, I found some time to paint before picking up my "little monster with love," from school. I am working on a small project, an 8x10 canvas, to put into my ETSY shoppe. Well, hopefully, if I don't want to keep it for myself. That's my problem, I don't have a lot in there because I find it hard to part with my work. But, I'm going to have to break down eventually, not look, close my eyes and press 'post'. 

The Bee's Knees! I'm changing my linky party name to "The Bee's Knees" Why? I LOVE saying it:) Try it! It's so much fun:) So link up if you think your the "BEE'S KNEES!" Go ahead and share your frugality!!! 


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I read every sweet comment and thank you for enjoying boston bee. health, love, creativity, and happiness to you ;)Alyssa