Monday, March 14, 2011

my cottage snappies

Have you ever wanted to be featured in a decor magazine? I would love it! Ahh, the lights, the cameras, the fame-lol! So, let's pretend this is my 5 seconds of fame and it's my photo shoot for Flea Market Finds, Cottage Living... ;) 
I made this sign by painting over an old sign. I printed off the letters, mod poged them on and painted over the whole thing with a water/paint mix for a vintage look.

Most of the items you see are from the.... Flea Market-You guessed it!
Flea Market china and plates

More flea market finds

My rabbit/bunny collection for Spring and Easter

Stack sea treasures this way and that

Bags and a hat

a thousand welcomes!


  1. Thanks for sharing your experience and stuff.I want to know about some good stuff about conservatory furniture.Would you suggest some good stuff.

  2. Beautiful! You know...think it, picture it...and it will be! I think you're on your way!

  3. Great combinations. I owned one of those scales in yellow. Those were the days...memories :)

  4. Hi Alyssa...I too would love to get in a magazine someday! Your photos are great ~ I need to work on my photography skills!!

  5. Love your old window above the hutch! Love the sign too, been wanting to make one for a while now.

  6. Oh my gosh... I just made a market sign myself... I promise I did not copy yours!! LOL It just shocked me to see a nearly identical take on what I did a week ago and I haven't revealed it yet. :)



  7. Who wouldn't love to be featured in country livings flea market finds. Great finds- doesm't it feel so wonderful to shop at flea markets. That's my idea of a great day! Thanks for sharing

  8. Alyssa, I am your new follower since finding you at Cottage Flora Thursdays. I see that we have similar interests. I love writing, gardening, flea market, thrift and antique shopping. I love the MARKET sign and your fabulous finds. Interesting blog!


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