Thursday, January 27, 2011

vintage magazine canvas art tutorial

"Paper Moon"
By, Alyssa
Boston Bee
      Canvas with Acrylic Paint, Vintage Papers from 1940 & Mixed Media 
Another snow filled evening here in Syberia, I mean Massachusetts, and I have decided to make a vintage magazine canvas art print. 
Here's what ya need:
1. A canvas and any type of book pages, old magazines, new magazines, the sky is the limit!
2. Mod Poge and acrylic paints
3. A creative mind for a design- I usually have something in mind to start and then go with whatever comes to me
4. Mod Poge your pieces on this way and that
5. Add more varieties of paper prints and make something out of those like a tree, or a bird...
6. Mod Poge the whole piece and let dry
6. Add a frame if you wish and Tah-Dah! 


  1. That's just wonderful! I think it would be a very sophisticated addition to a kids room.


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