Saturday, January 15, 2011

decor ideas and i would like to...

Part 1.
I have been meaning to share these amazing decor pics., from a Cape Cod style cottage house tour that I went on over the holidays. Enjoy! 
I plan on painting the topiaries below on my closet doors! 

What a great topiary!
Even the bulkhead is decorated!

Part 2.
One of my many dreams...

I would like to open a shop in my yard with my artsy sister friend Sarah. I would like a shed where I could make it into a store and a little cafe. What would I sell? How I would set it up? 

1. I would paint the barn board white 
2. Sell penny candy in jars for the kids
3. Sell herbs in pottery
4. Sell old windows, cottage everything, and all of our art. 
5. Have fancy teas and coffees for sale with the menu written on chalkboards in colored chalk.
6. Sell Kathy's cookbook and Susan Branch's books, along with Sharon Lovejoy's (3 very talented woman and very inspiring to me!)
7. Sell my thirtyone bags and stationary! Love it soooo much!
8. Have a little outdoor cafe to sip lemonade and enjoy my gardens. I do this now, but would love to share it with the world! 

What are your dreams????


  1. Sounds like a dream to me.......your little store. Esp. with Thirty One, love the new spring line.

  2. Oh I would come, every day if I could. I hope your dream comes true. I met Sharon Lovejoy at her shop she used to have in Cambria, CA. I was scared of bees and she said something like don't be ridiculous and thus....a love of bees was born!

  3. I just want to keep enjoying my garden, talk and blog about herbs, renovate our house and keep traveling especially to England! Keep dreaming your dreams, Alyssa, they will come true!

  4. Alyssa,a dream is the idea before the reality..Sounds fabulous to me..xx

  5. Good Morning! Hoping to see you back today for
    Cottage Flora Thursday's! xoxo

  6. Hello Alyssa,
    Those rooms are so filled with so much wonderful stuff that I can imagine being in each for hours! Hope your dream is fulfilled! I would like to do something similar -
    Hope you have a terrific day,

  7. sweet dreams ARE made of these! Alyssa, you have a beautiful blog; I'm sure any cottage-shop you create will be gorgeous, too! let me know when you want some Vermont-made herbs and I'll send 'em your way - we can swap products! my dream is to have a tiny herb-shop, teaching center and homestead, and home-school as many kids as I can borrow ;) Here's to following our bliss! ~Jessica


I read every sweet comment and thank you for enjoying boston bee. health, love, creativity, and happiness to you ;)Alyssa