Wednesday, January 12, 2011

before and after bookcase

My father-in-law made this bookcase for us when we bought our home 6, no 7, no maybe 8 yrs. ago. I've had this sitting in my bedroom in a stained state of exhaustion screaming to me, "Please, please paint me!" 
"Yes, bookcase! I will get to you. I know you need a makeover." I would reply every single time I looked at it.

Well, here is the before:
Blinded by the light! Sorry, I didn't edit a thing on this pic. today.
Here is the after in 'Wild Thyme' green. Isn't she lovely? I think so. She now stands lovely in my living room:
Made from Pop with love (Add heart here) I have to figure out how to do that.
The Shelves include:

My Heart Shaped Hydrangea Photo from my Backyard
My favorite bird statue -Black Capped Chickadee (MA State Bird)
Milk Glass
Family Photos
Susan Branch Books, Sharon Lovejoy Books
Cottage Decor Books and Country Living Magazines
Norman Rockwell Art Book
Garden Books
Old Sturbridge Village Books
My Wedding Picture
Beach Stones
Heart Rocks and a book about Heart Rocks
Sea Glass
A Lucky Penny Fish Bowl (When we spot a penny in our house we yell, "Lucky Penny!" and it goes into the fish bowl a.k.a. Lucky Penny Jar

                                                                          Your friend in snow land,


  1. Loving the colour.You did a great job..xx

  2. What a great color you picked! Turned out great. Your "merry dining area" is so, so cute.

  3. As always, Alyssa, very tasteful and the dining area is cute as well. PS I always enjoy your music selections! xx Nancy

  4. awesome color Alyssa! I WANT cookies!!! ;)


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