Saturday, January 1, 2011

my daily run and church windows

My Church~Spring Photo
Happy New Year and how lucky I am to have so many followers and friend and family followers too! Thank you and BIG Hugs! 

I couldn't believe the beauty of this Spring day in January! Yes, I'm writing from Massachusetts! On my run, I veered off into the cemetery for some peace off of the road, and my neighbor/farmer was driving behind me in his bucket loader which kept my bucket moving, but I wanted to enjoy my moment of Zen and what better place to do it~the cemetery. As I ran, the pines were so green against the crystal blue sky. The pure white snow was  like a big blanket and provided an icy cool down as well. As I ran past family graves, I prayed for everything!  

Which brings me to... in very random order, making church windows out of chocolate, colored mini-marshmallows, and coconut. My great aunt used to make these and they tasted so goooood! I found one little church window over the massive amount of cookies during this Christmas season and I snatched it! So, my challenge to you is to make these and remember the good things that you have to be thankful for, for whatever your beliefs are and think positive for 2011! You're very, very worth it! I sure am going to do it!


  1. Thanks for popping over to my world these days! Just finally catching up in blogland...we had poor internet in Door Cty. You live in my favorite area of the entire New England- grew up in NH. We were there this Summer, and I didn't want to leave. I forgot about those aunts made those too. There must be a recipe out there somewhere. Happy New Year!

  2. realli nice post! also happy 2011 and big hug!!! :)


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