Tuesday, April 2, 2013

it's a snowboarding b-day party for my 7 yr. old boy

and what's on the menu? CAKE! A snowboard terrain park cake complete with Lego snowboarders from EBay, Kit Kats as the rails and pieces of cake for the jumps. My husband made and decorated the cake with Will! What a guy! ;)

I went to Walmart and bought a package of colorful balloons for a dollar. I made a balloon bunch hanging with baker's twine from my chandelier with paper lanterns mixed in.

The pinata was a not planned to buy item that is full of candy. Arg! I don't know why I allowed my child to talk me into buying this! His cute little cheeks just got me as they did the day he was born. xoxo. I used his snowboard as a mini buffet and his helmet too. A free chalkboard did the trick for a quick sign.

The rubber egg guys I found at Wal-Mart! The boys loved decorating them with mini mustaches and markers. This birthday guy liked to wear them. Wow, he's proper! 

Happy Birthday my 7 year old! Time goes by way too fast! 

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  1. Great party theme! Michael had a blast! xo


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