Wednesday, May 18, 2011

a very organized friend

***UPDATE! I have successfully thrown out 5 bags of STUFF that we don't need and have cleaned out 4 closets!! Woohoo!!***
alyssa ;)


  1. Please send Jill my way! We all need a Jill in our lives don't we?

  2. Could you send her my way...I need to pack a house and a classroom! And I like to think I'm organized--but now I'm overwhelmed! ~grin~

  3. I'm a frustrated perfectionist and organizer. Most areas are organized and I am constantly reorganizing. My kids want to kill me half the time and with age, I have mellowed.

    I have a good friend Jill too, but I she is NOT the organized one, lol.

    P.S. I realized I, previously, spelled your name sorry. My friend's daughter spells it with one 'a'. Oops!

  4. I always try my hardest to be organized and I think your post totally inspired me to clean up my office today:) Have a great day

  5. Well done in the clear out! I think Jill will have a heart attack at my house! As for cake stand - just drilled a hole in each plate - just make sure you take it easy with the drill! Scarlett x

  6. I feel so honored to be on your blog! I will gladly take on your closets! Just don't go in the basement or the garage at my house, that is Ryan's territory and it is NOT organized. It's harder to stay organized now with the kids around. Love you too Alyssa!

  7. Oh I am so like you! It's funny, everyone at school always says how organized I am - I have no idea how I have fooled them. I've got a ton of stuff just stuffed in closets that I must get rid of this year. When do you get out for summer vacation?

  8. Hi -- found you and happy to have come across your fabulous blog -- the nests, the flea market finds and oh those hydrangeas...I'll be tuning and keeping my eye on all your inspirations. Thanks, tamara of Nest by TAmara


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